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If you love garden gnomes as much as we do, then this post is for you! We are sharing 35 cute gnome crafts that are the perfect activity for the whole family to do together. Kids of all ages will love making these easy DIY gnomes with different craft supplies.

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Let’s make some adorable gnome crafts!

Best Gnome Crafts For Kids Of All Ages

Gnomes are little guys that are shaped like humans with long beards. Traditionally, gnomes are tiny supernatural spirits that live on earth, and have been mentioned in children’s fairy tales since the 19th century! They usually like to hide underground or in gardens as they love nature.

And today, it’s all about gnomes! Kids and adults alike will be making their own gnomes, including a gnome hat, a gnome nose, a gnome beard, and of course, a gnome body.

These easy DIY gnomes are more than a great way to spend your afternoon: they also make adorable gnome ornaments that you can decorate your house or garden with. Score!

So gather all of your craft supplies and other fun things that would work well when making your adorable gnomes… and let’s get started right away!

1. DIY Garden Gnomes

These DIY garden gnomes are super easy and only require 4 supplies: craft stick spoons, acrylic paint in different colors, paint pens, and a fine tip permanent marker. You won’t believe how adorable the finished result is!

You can make as many gnomes as you want and place them everywhere around your garden.

2. These DIY Tree Gnomes Are Adorable And So Easy To Make For The Holidays

Although these DIY tree gnomes are simple, they’re also simply adorable. Who knew a big red hat and red gloves would turn any tree into a super cute tree gnome? Besides, the possibilities are endless!

Now, this is a fun way to decorate your tree this Christmas!

3. How to Make a DIY Garden Gnome

Make a bright and colorful DIY garden gnome for your backyard using concrete. This is a fun spring or summer project to do with kids. You can make as many as you want and display them proudly in your garden.

This is the easiest gnome craft ever.

4. How to Make a Wine Bottle Gnome (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

This is for the adults who love a good bottle of wine: make this gnome craft which is made to be slipped off and reused on another bottle of wine. It’s so very easy to make and also pretty inexpensive. We love pretty crafts like this! From Felt Magnet.

An ideal gift for wine lovers.

5. Christmas Gnome Wine Bottle Cover – Great for Gifting!

Here’s another wine bottle cover craft – from Ruffles and Rainboots. Let’s put together the easiest Christmas gnome wine bottle topper. It’s great for delivering a bottle of wine to any hostess or holiday party. 

This gnome craft is very easy to make.

6. Gnome Paper Plate Craft Peek-a-Boo – Free Printable!

Looking for a simple but great idea for a craft? This adorable gnome paper craft makes a fun peek-a-boo puppet for the kids! You only need a few simple supplies for this easy kid’s craft idea, such as a paper plate, paint, a paper straw, the free template, and stickers! From Ruffles and Rainboots.

A gnome craft perfect for younger kids.

7. Easy as Magic! DIY Nordic Christmas Gnomes

These DIY Nordic gnomes are very simple, easy, and inexpensive to make. Plus, you’ll have plenty of leftover material for more gnomes if needed. You’ll need some wood balls for the noses and wood spools for the gnome body. Enjoy your Nordic Christmas gnomes from Follow The Yellow Brick Home.

Isn’t this such a cute craft?

8. Pom Pom Gnome Ornaments

Lia Griffith shared these super adorable gnomes made out of pom poms, felt, wood beads and some pretty yarn. In less than 5 stops, you’ll have your own gnome ornaments. For a child-friendly version, you can use fabric paint.

Let’s make cute holiday gnomes!

9. Scandinavian Christmas Gnome

Make this Scandinavian Christmas gnome craft and proudly display it on your mantelpiece. Just get your sewing kit and red and black embroidery thread to sew gnomes in easy steps. From Make Film Play.

Aren’t these gnomes just the cutest?

10. Dollar Tree DIY Gnomes

Lizzy and Erin shared this tutorial to create adorable Gnomes with supplies from Dollar Tree. Can you believe that? The instructions are simple enough that you can make as many gnomes as you want in one afternoon.

We love inexpensive crafts like this one!

11. How To Make Fun Rustic Halloween Gnomes

Gnomes don’t have to be just for Christmas! These Halloween gnomes from Pillar Box Blue can stand watch over the fireplace during the autumn season, although you can make them for different seasons too!

Who said gnomes are just for the Christmas season?

12. How to Make Mop Gnomes

Make these adorable little mop gnomes for Christmas for only $4 and a mop! If you wondered how to make a gnome beard, the strings of the mop make the perfect supplies. From Craft Morning.

Don’t forget to get these supplies on your next visit to Dollar Store.

13. Christmas Gnome Wall Decor

This cute winter gnome is crafted with felt and yarn, so it’s inexpensive to make and super easy to find everything you need to make this project. You can make it in an evening and it’s kid-friendly, too! From Fave Crafts.

A wall decor craft that is super easy to make.

14. Cardboard Tube Gnomes for Christmas

Here’s one of the easiest gnome craft tutorials – for this one, you and your little one can create gnomes using cardboard tubes, construction paper, pom poms, white yarn, craft glue, and scissors. From Crafts by Amanda.

This craft is suitable for younger kids.

15. Easy Gnome Christmas Ornament-DIY

We love this easy DIY gnome ornaments from Just That Perfect Piece which is made out of yarn or twine, twigs, leaves beads, bells, and ribbon. It is easy enough for older kids to do on their own and younger kids can do them too with some adult assistance.

Don’t you just love these rustic gnomes?

16. Floppy Ears Easter Bunny Gnome DIY

We love these Easter gnomes! Once you get the simple supplies you can get started right away and simply follow the step by step instructions to create your floppy ears Easter bunny gnome. From Just That Perfect Piece.

Thematic gnomes are so popular!

17. Christmas Gnome: Make Your Own Scandinavian Gnome

If you love Scandinavian gnomes, this is one craft project you really must try – it should take about an hour of crafting and the end result is totally adorable. From The Country Chic Cottage.

This gnome’s beard is so soft and pretty.

18. Scandinavian Minimalist Wreath

Bring gnomes into your home this holiday season with this Scandinavian minimalist wreath. It takes 30 minutes no sewing is required. This craft is suitable for older kids and adults. From Ruffles and Rain Boots.

We love minimalist Christmas decor.

19. DIY Valentine’s Day Gnomes

Gnomes also make pretty cute Valentine’s Day decorations! These little valentine gnomes can be made in just a few minutes for around $10. Suitable for kids of all ages. From The Yellow Brick Home.

20. DIY Scandinavian Christmas Gnome with Rice (Tomte or Nisse)

Get in the holiday spirit with this super easy Scandinavian Christmas gnomes craft. Follow the free tutorial, gather your supplies, and tell your little assistants to come help with the crafting! From Ruffles and Rain Boots.

Get some rice for this gnome craft!

21. How To Make Christmas Gnomes: Sew and No Sew

Check out these free tutorials from Our Real Life to make Christmas gnomes, and then personalize them with your own ideas. They take about 2 hours and they shared two versions, one uses a fuzzy sock and the other requires a bit of sewing. Both are very easy, though!

Easy, cute, and inexpensive!

22. These Gnome Craft Finger Puppets are Awesome

Follow the step by step video and print the free template to learn how to make adorable gnome finger puppets. You can make them festive for the winter or Christmas season, or turn them into garden gnomes if it’s summer. From I Heart Crafty Things.

Kids of all ages will have so much fun with this craft.

23. DIY Holiday Gnomes Christmas Craft

Made in a Day shared these charming holiday gnomes for your Christmas decor this year! These sweet handmade gnomes can be changed up for any season, though. This project is rated easy, so even if you’re a beginner, you can do it

Enjoy making this super fun gnome craft!

24. How to Make a Gnome

You can make these gnomes in 10-15 minutes – yes, they are that easy and that simple. Older kids can help make these gnomes, but be careful if younger children are around as they might want to eat the craft pellets. From Decor And The Dog.

Let’s learn how to make a gnome, the easy way!

25. How To Make Halloween Sock Gnomes

Learn how to made adorable sock gnomes for Halloween! What kid doesn’t love sock crafts, anyway? These are Halloween gnomes but you can make as many as you want for different seasons. The great part is that once you have the gnome body made, you can simply swap out the hat for different holidays. From It’s Always Autumn.

The gnome noses are simply too cute.

26. How To Make Easter Gnomes (DIY Sock Gnomes)

Easter gnomes are easy to make and absolutely adorable! Once you have the gnome body made, it’s really easy to change out the hat for any other holiday. You will need one patterned or colored sock, one solid sock, faux fur, one wood bead, and of course, felt for the cute bunny ears. From It’s Always Autumn.

Easter gnomes are a really cool idea, don’t you agree?

27. Super-Cute Air-Drying Clay Garden Gnomes Craft for Kids to Make

These adorable gnomes are super easy to make and if you seal them make an excellent plant marker. Plus, kids love creating things with air drying clay and it’s also good to promote their fine motor skills. From Rainy Day Mum.

Make many of these cute little guys.

28. DIY Clay Gnomes

Here’s another simple clay gnome craft, perfect for kids of all ages, which you can transform into many things: You can use these little guys to decorate a garden or put them on your front porch, or you can turn them into magnets or have them hang out on the bookshelf. From Dollar Crafter.

Kids will have so much fun making these gnome crafts.

29. Adorable Fall DIY Gnome Decoration You Can Make in Minutes

This little fall DIY gnome decoration is a great way to add some life to a boring fall decoration in your home. The great thing is that you can make them in minutes! Just follow the super easy instructions. From DIY n crafts.

Can you believe these guys only take a couple of minutes to make?

30. Crochet Christmas Gnome

Get your favorite yarn to make this crochet Christmas gnome. This tutorial from Miss Neriss includes a free printable with a pattern to make these gnomes. You can make them in different sizes and even a lady gnome.

If you like to crochet, this one is for you.

31. How to Create Garden Gnomes With Concrete

Looking for some cute lawn ornaments for your garden? Then give this DIY garden gnome project we did with concrete! It’s super easy, especially with this step by step tutorial from DIYs.

Who knew concrete gnomes were so cute?

32. DIY Christmas Gnomes

These DIY Christmas gnomes are a bit more complicated, but the result is totally worth it. You can make many different hats with different patterns and leave them everywhere around the house. From The Navage Patch.

Let’s make these easy DIY Christmas gnomes.

33. Christmas Gnomes

This DIY Christmas project is so easy you can make them in an afternoon and everything you need can be purchased from your Dollar store. You’ll need a tomato cage and a fleece blanket – trust us, your craft will look so cozy! From Hometalk.

You’ll love making this gnome craft with tomato cages!

34. DIY Garden Pot Gnome – How to Make a Cute Companion for Your Flowers

Garden gnomes are absolutely adorable and you can make your own with very little effort and a little bit of creativity. You can put these garden pot gnomes on your shelf, in the garden, or anywhere else you feel like. From DIYs.

Make one for yourself or a friend!

35. How To Make Large Gnomes

Watch the detailed video from Simple Made Pretty to learn how to make this beautiful DIY Dollar Store gnome. It’s really simple to make and you can decorate it in many different ways – so get your pom poms, lace, and ribbon!

Can you believe these gnomes are made with supplies from the Dollar Store?


Which gnome craft do you want to try out first?

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