Rainbow Yarn Art Ideas for Kids

This St. Patrick’s Day, celebrate with this adorable decoupage rainbow yarn art project!

This fun activity is perfect for teaching children the colors of the rainbow, or for letting them explore their imagination by arranging the colors of yarn in new and different ways!

Rainbow Yarn Art

Decoupage Rainbow Yarn Art

Here’s what you need to make this decoupage rainbow yarn art:

  • Yarn (in the colors of the rainbow! We used red, blue, green, yellow, orange, and pink)
  • Cardstock
  • Cotton Balls
  • Small Bowl
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • 1 cup Flour
  • 1 cup Cold Water
  • 3 Tbsp Imperial Sugar
  • 1 cup Boiling Water

Rainbow Yarn ArtInstructions: 

  • In a medium bowl, mix together the flour, sugar, and cold water. Add the boiling water and stir to combine. Allow the mixture to cool to room temperature — this is the decoupage glue!
  • Meanwhile, trace half of the small bowl onto your cardstock. This will be the outline of your rainbow. Cut the yarn to fit along the arch on your cardstock. We used two pieces of each color for our rainbow.
  • Once the glue has cooled, add the yarn to it and coat it completely. Remove each piece and run your fingers down it to wipe off the excess glue. Press the yarn onto the cardstock, following the outline of the rainbow.
  • Each arc of the rainbow will get smaller, so you’ll have leftover yarn at one side of the rainbow. That is ok — just snip off the ends of the yarn to match the other side.
  • Stretch a cotton ball to make it look like clouds. Then dip one side into the glue and press onto the ends of the rainbow.
  • Allow to dry overnight, then display!

Rainbow Yarn Art


I love that this project uses sugar, because it’s totally different from many other craft projects. Sugar is so versatile, which is why I always keep a nice big bag around at home!

You can visit the Imperial Sugar website for additional crafts, recipes, and gift ideas!

Rainbow Yarn Art Rainbow Yarn Art

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Comment below and let us know if you’re going to try this Rainbow Yarn Art project for St. Patrick’s Day!

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