18 Printable Rainbow Crafts and Activities

Why choose one color if you can use them all? Color with the entire rainbow today’s list of 18 Printable Rainbow Crafts and Activities. Whether you are looking for something to do on a rainy day, a new spring craft or a fun project to add to your St. Patrick’s Day festivities, these rainbow projects are sure to add some happy to your day.

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rainbow printable

18 Printable Rainbow Crafts and Activities

Printable Rainbow Crafts and Activities

I’ve gathered a fun collection  of Rainbow  projects to choose from. You can color, cut, play and learn with all kinds of printable rainbow pages. Play a game, practice spelling, decorate for a rainbow party or color a rainbow for every room. No matter what activity you choose, I’m sure there will be beautiful colors all around!

Printable Rainbow Learning Activities and Worksheets

rainbow printable

Printable Rainbow Games

printable rainbow games


Printable Rainbow Party Decor

printable rainbow party

Printable Rainbow Coloring Pages and Projects

Printable rainbow coloring pages

I hope you have fun with your rainbows today. These printable rainbow crafts and activities will provided  hours of creative play for you and your kiddos. Next time we’ll talk about your favorite color, but today’s let’s color the whole rainbow!

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