Printable Rainbow Hidden Pictures Games

Today we have a really fun rainbow hidden picture printable game that is perfect for preschoolers and Kindergartners. This rainbow hidden pictures worksheet will have them testing their brain!

Kids will identify a series of items hidden within the larger pictures and then can use the printable worksheet as a coloring page.

hidden picture games
Who doesn’t love a fun rainbow activity? Download and print this page for a fun time!

Free Printable Hidden Pictures Game Worksheet

Did you know there are so many benefits to solving hidden picture games? Engaging seek and find games are a good way to help improve your children’s observation skills and attention to detail.

This rainbow hidden picture game is perfect for kids who prefer visual activities!

This rainbow activity will enhance your children’s vocabulary too, all while having fun.

rainbow activities for preschoolers
Can you find all the objects in this picture? Let’s try!

Find the Pictures in the Rainbow Scene

On the printable worksheet, kids will be asked to help a cartoon Storm Cloud. Storm Cloud asks, “I need your help! Can you find these hidden pictures?”.

Items Hidden in the Picture

  • Heart
  • Flower Pot
  • Cotton Candy
  • Light Bulb
  • Lemon
  • Umbrella

Once kids have identified all the hidden items, then they can use the rainbow and cloud picture as a fun coloring page.

Download & Print Hidden Pictures Printables PDF File Here

To play this hidden objects game, just print this PDF, grab a couple of crayons, and have your children circle or cross the hidden pictures as they find them. It’s not as easy as you think!

Rainbow Activities for Toddlers

Let’s get our hands on some engaging rainbow activities! Learning and playing are so much fun when rainbows are included.

  • These printable rainbow crafts will put a smile on your face and brighten your day! Whether you need ideas for a rainbow-themed party or want printable rainbow games, we’ve got you covered.
  • Got a kid that loves unicorns, rainbows, and mermaids? Well, wait until you hear about this rainbow Barbie unicorn!
  • Sponge art is a different kind of art that kids love! You can use it to create beautiful rainbows, clouds, a garden, or whatever you can think of.
  • Here is another cool project! You can make your own rainbow cereal art project for kids who love “playing with food”!

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Did your child find all the hidden pictures in the rainbow?

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