It’s quiz time! How much do you and your little one know about rainbows? Today we have 15 amazing facts about rainbows that will blow their minds, in the form of free rainbow coloring pages! Psst: this is one of my favorite activities for 2 year olds and older kids!

Check out our facts about rainbows for fun kid lessons and enjoy learning everything about them! Have you ever wondered how rainbows are created? How many colors are in a rainbow?

facts about rainbows
Kids will love these rainbow facts coloring pages – they are perfect for kids of all ages!

Rainbow facts for kids

Here at Kids Activities Blog, we love learning activities like this color changing milk experiment. We know that when kids learn something through an activity or craft ideas for kids, they will remember it longer.

That’s why our facts about rainbows coloring pages are a great way of learning!

Get some rainbow foods, grab your crayons, markers, and glitter (to add some magic sparkle), and have fun coloring these free facts about rainbows!

fun facts about rainbows
Find out what are the colors in a rainbow and many other fun facts about rainbows with our coloring pages!

Our rainbow coloring pages have 15 fun facts, including the following rainbow facts:

1. A rainbow is a multicolored arc that forms in the sky after it rains.

2. On the ground, we can only see a semi-circle rainbow but if you look at it from an airplane, you can see a rainbow in a complete circle.

3. You cannot touch a rainbow: it has no physical appearance!

4. Earth is the only planet in the solar system where rainbows are possible.

5. The state of Hawaii has the most rainbows on the planet.

rainbow activities for kids
Our fun facts about rainbows coloring pages are free and ready to be downloaded and printed.

Bonus: The moon can also create rainbows, they’re called moonbows!

Download here:

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