Today we are making an easy Flag of Ireland craft.  This Irish flag craft uses a collage technique making it easy enough for kids of all ages. Making this Irish flag craft helps kids learn to identify the Irish flag, know the colors of the Irish flag and is a fun Irish craft for kids. Use this Ireland craft at home or in the classroom.

kids irish flag craft - finished flag of Ireland craft with green, white and orange collage - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make an Irish flag!

Irish Flag

This simple Irish flag kids activity teaches children about the flag of Ireland as well as colors, shapes, and math. 

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National Flag of Ireland shown flying in the sky - Kids Activities Blog
The Irish flag has three colors: green, white & orange.

National Flag of Ireland

I love the simplicity of the National flag of Ireland.  It is also called ‘the tricolour’ because it consists of three colors: green, white & orange.

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Irish Flag Craft for Kids

Making this easy Irish flag with a collage technique is even easier than drawing the flag of Ireland. This makes it appropriate for kids as young as toddlers, but such a fun craft that older kids will want to make one too!

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Supplies – Irish Flag Craft for Kids

kids irish flag craft supplies - shown orange, green and white paper, glue, sponge and scissors
You will need these things to make the flag of Ireland craft!

Instructions – Irish Flag Craft for Kids

Step 1

Step 1 - Irish Flag Craft -  make an Irish flag craft step one - cut off 1/3rd of each of the green and orange paper
Cut off 1/3rd of the orange and green construction paper pieces.

First, you will need to cut one-third of each of the orange and green sheets of construction paper. Set the larger pieces aside to use for anther project.

Step 2

Next, using scissors have your kid cut out simple shapes from both the 1/3rd sheet of green construction paper and 1/3rd sheet of orange construction paper. This is great scissors practice for young kids. Toddlers may need some help with this step.  

Step 3

Step 3 - Irish Flag Craft - fold white paper into thirds as a guide where the orange and green construction paper pieces will go
Fold paper into 1/3rds as a guide for the colors of the Irish flag!

Now take the white piece of paper and carefully fold it over into thirds, but do not crease the folds too much because you’ll want the paper to lay flat in the end. Another idea is to lightly draw a line with a pencil dividing the white sheet of paper into thirds.

Step 4

Step 4 - Irish Flag Craft - add glue into the outer 1/3rds
You will add glue to the outer 1/3rds to attach the green and orange construction paper pieces.

Time for gluing!

For this part we simply squeezed school glue onto the far right third space and then used the foam brush to spread it so our fingers wouldn’t get messy. The school glue can be washed out with water when the project is complete.

Step 5

Step 5 - Irish Flag Craft - use a brush to smooth the glue
This craft is easier to create with a smooth layer of glue.

Let’s add the colorful pieces of paper.  Let your kid use his or her creativity for this part. It’s not necessary to use every bit of the construction paper–we didn’t.

Repeat for the far left third space with green construction paper and the far right space, orange!

Step 5b - Irish Flag Craft -  place the colored pieces green on left and orange on right
Add the construction paper shapes in the colors of the flag of Ireland!

Step 6

Step 6 - Irish Flag Craft -   final step to trim the edges with scissors
Trim off any of the orange or green construction paper edges that are over the edge of the Irish flag shape.

Finally, allow your Kids Irish Flag Craft to dry and then carefully cut off any pieces of construction paper hanging over the sides. 

Your Finished Irish Flag

Display as part of your St. Patrick’s Day celebration or learning unit.

 Finished Easy Irish Flag Craft for Kids - collage color of green on left and orange on right made of construction paper
This is what our finished Irish flag will look like!

Wasn’t that fun?!

Irish Flag Craft Steps Illustrated

kids irish flag craft steps from start to end pictured in 9 pictures
This is how easy the Irish flag craft for kids is to complete!

Hope you enjoyed this activity! 

Our Experience with Irish Flag Crafts

We made the flag of Ireland with melted crayons last year and it inspired me to try something that would work easier in a classroom or with younger kids.

This year we combined math, sensory, and culture to make an Irish flag using shapes. The flag of Ireland is 1:2 proportionally so that weaved in a nice little intro math lesson right from the start. 

The great part about this exercise is that you can make it as easy or as difficult as you need to make it depending on your child. For preschool kids, you can cut easy shapes to puzzle together. 

More St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids

Learning about the flag of Ireland can bring some meaning to St. Patrick’s Day for your child. After your are done making this kids Irish flag craft go on a St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt.

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Did your kids enjoy this Irish flag craft? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear! 

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