Looking for a fun rainbow craft? Well we have 40, so kids of all ages can enjoy all the colors of the rainbow and practice their fine motor skills. Older kids, younger kids, everyone will love each rainbow craft, and most require only minimal craft supplies.

kids rainbow crafts- rainbow painting, rainbow binoculars, toast, shamrock, wreath made of hearts, cupcake liner rainbow, rainbow heart crayons, cereal rainbow, rainbow suncatcher hearts, rainbow butterflies, and rainbow chains

Fun Rainbow Crafts For Kids

These 40 Fantastic Rainbow Crafts are the perfect spring activity! They’re also great for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day! Kids love rainbows because they are so bright and cheerful. Looking at these rainbow crafts make me so excited for spring!

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{Fantastic} Rainbow Crafts

kids rainbow crafts- rainbow cereal craft, shamrock, painting rainbow, rainbow crayons, rainbow fish, cupcake liner rainbow

1. LEGO Rainbow Craft

Wow, you can make a rainbow with LEGOs. Check out this building with legos activity!

2. Rainbow Paint Craft

Create beautiful blends and patterns with a rainbow paint bleed art. -via Zing Zing Tree

3. Rainbow Craft With Marshmallows

Check out this kid activity, using marshmallows. -via No Time For Flash Cards

4. DIY Rainbow Window Display

Here’s a quick, easy and fun window display activity. -via Fantastic Fun And Learning

5. Leprechaun and Rainbow Sensory Craft

Hide fake gold pieces in this rainbow sensory bin made from colorful yarn.

Rainbow arts and crafts- rainbow water color painting on paper with q-tips
You can make beautiful rainbow paintings using Q-tips, how cool!

6. Q-Tip Painting Craft

Here is a fun painting activity with q-tips your kids will love! -via Housing A Forest

7. Rainbow Suncatcher Craft

Your kids will enjoy creating a beautiful rainbow sun catcher! -via Twig and a Toadstood

8. Rainbow Pasta Art

This pasta noodles activity will make for a great piece of art from your kids. -via Gift of Curiosity

9. Rainbow Paper Craft

Your kid will have fun making this cute rainbow paper craft! -via Easy Peasy and Fun

10. Free Printable Rainbow Crafts

We also have a great roundup of colorful Printable Rainbow Crafts and Activities that you’ll want to check out.

Bright and Colorful Rainbow Activities for Kids!

kids rainbow crafts- rainbow toast, rainbow fish, rainbow crayons, rain bow beads

11. Easy Rainbow Mosaic Art

Make a rainbow with your kids! This is such a simple rainbow activity for kids. -via Kids Activities Blog

12. Cool Rainbow Art

Here is another cool rainbow art idea for your kids! -via The Preschool Toolbox Blog

13. Watercolor Rainbow Art

This watercolor rainbow art will keep the kids busy. -via Buggy and Buddy

14. Pretty Paper Cloud Craft

Your kids will have fun making this pretty paper cloud. -via Three Boys and A Dog

15. Sparkly Paint Craft

Here is a fun activity using sparkle paint to make a rainbow. Make beautiful rainbows using acrylic paint and glitter. Everything is better with glitter!-via Paging Fun Mums

16. Rainbow Activities For Preschoolers

I love this fun rainbow art craft! And it isn’t just one! There are 20+ rainbow crafts and activities. Love these rainbow activities for preschoolers. This is the perfect way to keep little hands busy.

17. Rainbow Cupcake Liner Craft

Create some adorable rainbows from cupcake liners! You always have items you need to craft! You can use a variety of different materials, sometimes we have to be a resourceful mama. -via I Heart Crafty Things

Rainbow arts and craft- rainbow beads (yellow, green, blue, and purple) on white background- kids activities blog
Make your very own rainbow beads!

18. Colorful Paper Beads Crafts

This looks like fun! Make colorful beads all of the colors of the rainbow.

19. Rainbow Wreath Craft

This super cute rainbow wreath will keep your kids entertained. Keeping with that rainbow theme, this one is so much fun. Whether you’re decorating for St. Patty’s day, or whether you’re showing off God’s promise, it’s one of my favorite craft ideas.-via Hello, Wonderful

20. Rainbow Spelling Game

Here are some rainbow spelling skills for your kid to use! -via Nurture Store

21. Rainbow Puzzle Craft

Let your kids make a rainbow puzzle, they will be thankful. -via Teach Preschool

22. Colorful Salt and Chalk Activity

This fun salt and chalk activity will keep the kids busy on a rainy day! -via Flax and Twine

23. Rainbow Paper Plate Craft

Here is a fun and easy rainbow paper plate activity! -via Easy Preschool Crafts

24. How To Make Your Own Crayons

Your kids can make their own crayons with this cool activity they are sure to love! -via My Frugal Adventures

25. Colorful Paper Fish Craft

This great paper fish craft will ensure your kids will have fun! -via Crafty Morning

More Rainbow Activities Your Kids Will Love!

kids rainbow crafts- rainbow crayons- rainbow made of cereal- rainbow heart suncatcher

26. Edible Craft: Rainbow Cupcake Recipe

Why not taste the rainbow with this Rainbow Cupcake recipe. -via Kids Activities Blog

27. Fruit Loop Snack and Activity

This rainbow fruit loop activity can double as a snack, your kids will love this! -via Housing a Forest

28. Rainbow Binocular Craft

Here is a cool rainbow binocular idea your kids will have fun making! -via Crafty Morning

29. Fun Rainbow Fish Craft

Your kids can make their own rainbow fish with this fun activity! -via Crafty Morning

30. Colored Glasses Craft

Your kids can see the world in a new color thought these funny colored glasses activity! -In The Playroom

31. Rainbow Shaving Cream Craft

This fun and easy shaving cream rainbow activity will make memories and beautiful art! -via Hello, Wonderful

32. Rainbow Sketch Art

Kids love scratch art so make your own endless supply of rainbow sketch art for the kiddos.

33. Rainbow Crayon Activity

Here is another rainbow crayon activity! – via Pre-K Pages

kids rainbow crafts- heart rainbow wreath, rainbow art with clouds, rainbow heart ornament, rainbow tissue paper collage
The rainbow heart wreath is my favorite craft!

34. Ribbon Rainbow Craft

Here is a super easy ribbon rainbow activity for your kids! -via Sunshine Whispers

35. Edible Paint Bread Activity

This edible bread painting activity is great and kid will love it! -via Kids Craft Room

36. Rainbow Shamrock Craft

Your kids can make their own rainbow shamrock.

37. Rainbow Butterfly Craft

This fantastic rainbow butterfly activity is fun and you kids will love making! -via Hello, Wonderful

38. Rainbow Wind Sock Craft

Your kids will love making this rainbow wind sock! -via Kids Craftroom

39. Rainbow Pot of Gold Chain Craft

Have fun making your own rainbow with a pot of gold chain activity! -via Crafty Morning

40. Stacked Rainbow Heart Craft

Your kids will love creating their own stacked rainbow heart. -via A Little Learning for Two

41. Rainbow Popcorn Craft

Use homemade milk paint and popcorn to make this rainbow craft with the kids.

More Colorful Crafts From Kids Activities Blog:

Rainbow arts and crafts- rainbow cake, rain bow rings, rainbow candy, rainbow rain sticks
We have 35 more great rainbow arts and crafts!

Do you like rainbows? Did you try any of these rainbow crafts? Comment below and let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

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  2. Love this list! Where is everyone getting their gold coins? I see them in sensory bin, art, playdough and all kinds of activities but haven’t seen them at the store yet.

  3. Thank you so very much for the colorful fun we can explore through the weeks approaching St.PatricksDay!

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