Rainbow Cereal Art is a great way to celebrate the start of spring! This rainbow cereal art project is a fun & creative. Kids love the opportunity to “play with their food,” and what better material to use than rainbow cereal? Rainbow Cereal Art

Rainbow Cereal Art

This creative activity is perfect for those times you are busy in the kitchen and need an easy activity to keep kids entertained! My kids, ages 7 and 9, made their rainbow art with rainbow cereal and glue, but toddlers could have a lot of edible fun creating rainbow art on a tray with yogurt. To make this craft you will need:
  • rainbow cereal
  • glue or yogurt
  • white paper or a cookie sheet
Rainbow Cereal Art Invite kids to draw designs on a piece of paper with glue.  They can practice patterning, make a design, make a rainbow, or even practice spelling their name! If you are doing this activity with a baby, spoon yogurt onto a tray, then invite them to smear it around. Put cereal into 1 corner of the tray and show your child how to stick it to the yogurt. Rainbow Cereal Art For added fun, kids could even stack pieces of cereal to make cool 3-D designs. Rainbow Cereal Art Finished designs are reminiscent of vibrant tie dye and look very neat!

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Click the links below to view more rainbow crafts for kids. We hope your kids had fun with this rainbow cereal art project! Connect with us on Facebook for even more fun ideas.

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