Easy Rainbow Pasta


My son just hit the picky stage of toddlerhood where he won’t eat *just anything.* This Rainbow Pasta meets all the requirements for his approval — it looks tasty, would be fun to play with, and involves spaghetti. 

Who knew that once I learned how to dye pasta, my food worries would be over!  That’s a win for mom!

Sometimes you’ve just got to get creative with dinner, especially when dealing with picky eaters.

Rainbow Pasta recipe on Kids Activities Blog - how to dye pasta to make colored spaghetti
Let’s make colored spaghetti! Like a rainbow…

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Easy Rainbow Pasta Noodles

How to dye pasta to eat seems way more complicated than it actually is – one of the few things that turn out easier to do than you might think!  We are going to use spaghetti noodles today because that is my son’s favorite pasta, but you could use other type of noodles as well. I like the rainbow rotini or colorful macaroni or dying noodles for a pasta salad!

Ingredients you need to dye pasta

How to dye pasta noodles

Cook the spaghetti noodles al dente, according to package directions and strain.

You’ll need one Ziploc bag for each color of pasta you want to make. Add two tablespoons of warm water to each bag and add about 20 drops of food coloring to the water.

Note: If you would prefer to use natural food dyes <–check out Kids Activities Blog’s article about 15 ways to make food coloring that is organic & natural. 

Put the strained noodles into the bags, and mix the colored water all around.

Strain each bag individually, and rinse with cold water to remove excess food coloring.

Rainbow Pasta Directions step 2 - dying the pasta noodles - shown in colander with water straining noodles
Let’s dye noodles to be as colorful as the rainbow!

Once all the colors are dyed separately…

Mix all the noodles together to get a colorful bowl of rainbow pasta.

Rainbow Pasta in Bowl with a fork and napkin - spaghetti noodles are dyed colors green, blue, red, purple and yellow
Now we can eat a rainbow!

Dyed noodle toppings

Your kids will be so excited to try these colorful noodles. And wouldn’t this make a fun way to serve pasta salad?

Because you want the colors to show through, it is best to top with a little butter or olive oil instead of a sauce like tomatoes.  Pesto works great too.

Rainbow Pasta Wrapped Around Fork with dyed noodle colors of red, yellow, orange, green, purple
Get a rainbow of colored noodles in every bite!

Or even better — throw it in a tub for a fun and creative sensory bin!

You could even have a rainbow-themed dinner, with yummy  rainbow cupcakes as dessert!

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More ways to eat colorful food!

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Did you and your family enjoy this fun recipe?

Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear! 


  1. What a wonderful idea! Now I HAVE to join your site!!

  2. Such a clever and cute kid’s party idea or if you just want to fuse in some weirdness to your spaghetti. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Great idea, thanks! I’m having a unicorn sleepover for my 4 granddaughters and wondered if I can color pasta ahead and re-heat? Thanks so much the girls are going to giggle into the wee hours.

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