17 Shamrock Crafts for Kids

Shamrock crafts are a staple for St. Patrick’s Day and we have plenty to choose from today. We have a little something for every age group, from preschoolers to older kids.

So get out your glue sticks and construction paper, and get crafting!


 17 Shamrock Crafts for Kids

  • Did you know you could make a clover stamp from a green pepper? It’s so easy! via Kids Activities Blog 
  • Cut and staple strips of green construction paper to form this four leaf clover craft. via Meaningful Mama
  • This glitter shamrock craft is a great activity for younger kids. Glue, glitter, and a shamrock outline is all you need! via Housing a Forest
  • Make your own spin art shamrocks using a salad spinner. via Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas
  • Press your baby’s feet into a little washable green paint and then press onto green construction paper hearts before assembling them into a clover pattern. via Fun Handprint and Footprint Art
  • Make jeweled heart shamrocks with this fun craft! via Housing a Forest
  • Help your kids make a shamrock applique shirt to wear. No one wants to get pinched on St. Patty’s day! via Buggy and Buddy
  • Just glue three regular heart cookie cutters together and you have a clover stamp! via Blog Me Mom
  • Create cute little shamrock notes to put in your child’s lunch box. via The Pink Doormat
  • Make these pretend leprechaun footprints with the sides of your hands dipped in a little green paint. via B-Inspired Mama
  • Use contact paper and any green items that will stick to it to make a shamrock collage. Try string, paper, buttons, etc. via Play Dr. Mom
  • Print these blank shamrocks to paint green for this activity that goes along with the book If Only I Had A Green Nose. via Kids Activities Blog
  • Make a shamrock collage using anything green! Try pom poms, felt and tissue paper. via No Time For Flash Cards
  • Taping together three leftover wine corks makes the perfect shamrock stamp! via Crafty Morning
  • Create and decorate with shamrock garland. via Design Improvised
  • Light up your day with this glitter shamrock sun catcher! via Housing a Forest
  • Find your button stash and make this cute button shamrock. via About Family Crafts

More St. Patrick’s Day Activities/Food 

st patricks cinnamon rolls

Put a festive twist on classic cinnamon rolls with this fun recipe! Get creative and print out this FREE paper St. Patrick’s doll to decorate. Try something healthy with this Shamrock Eggs recipe! Or see how you can brighten up your child’s day with these 25 Rainbow Foods for Kids

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We hope you love these shamrock crafts for preschoolers (& bigger kids)! Leave us a comment and tell us how you plan to spend St. Patrick’s Day this year.


  1. Thank you for sharing our Shamrock Suncatchers this week! Love all the great Shamrock Crafts! Have a wonderful week 🙂

  2. Please, please, please….for the love of god and all things holy…it’s St Patrick’s Day or St Paddy’s Day… The saint was a man, not a flattened mound of food!

  3. Thank you for sharing our color mixing activity! I love all of these posts 🙂 Pinned on our pinterest Spring Play board!

  4. Love these ideas! Thanks a BUNCH for sharing our Shamrock Collage!

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