Did you know LEGO Dots were a thing? If you didn’t before, now you do. LEGO has made a LEGO dot set that will allow your child to make bag tags which is great since school is right around the corner. These LEGO dots are perfect for kids of all ages like preschoolers, kindergarten kids and even older kids like elementary aged kids and middle school aged kids.

Lego dots keychains pink, blue, and yellow with lego dots with letters, colors, and pictures
Use this LEGO dot set to make your very own key chains and bag tags!

LEGO Dots Set

LEGO Dots are a fun new way to build for kids. They come in several different kits that allow your kids to build something fun and trendy. Which is perfect considering school is right around the corner. Make your own bag tags and keychains for the new school year!

288 Piece LEGO dot set on a white background with LEGO dots and keychains and key rings.
This LEGO dot comes with 228 pieces!

What Are LEGO Dots?

LEGO dots is a type of LEGO, but they are tiny! Each LEGO dot is 1×1 and was created to decorate rather than build. Most LEGO dot sets come with items to be decorated like:

  • Bracelets
  • Room Objects
  • Keychains
  • Bag Tags

Plus, these LEGO dots are typically very colorful and be decorated with emojis, music notes, planets, stars, letters, sparkles, and more! They were introduced in March 2020 and are available for a limited time!

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LEGO Dot Set To Make Keychains and Bag Tags

With back to school nearing, you can grab this LEGO Dots kit that lets your kids make their own bag tags to put on their backpacks for school!

LEGO Dot Set- create again and again- LEGO dots in bowls on blue background with keychains and key rings
Change your keychains and bag tags anytime you want!

This LEGO DOTS Bag Tags Mega Pack comes with:

  • 228 pieces
  • 5 flat bag tags in different colors 2 sizes
  • plus lots of lettered and colored tiles

This LEGO dot set is great for kids 6 years old and up! It’s great for your kids or as a gift for someone else!

Decorated LEGO dot set in bowls, and decorated keychains being held and on a purple purse on green background
Put your name on these LEGO dot keychains, make pictures, or use slogans.

Kids can use this kit to make bag tags that have their first name, last name or even nickname on them.

That way, they can keep track of their lunchboxes, backpacks and more!

Where To Get Your LEGO Dots Set

LEGO Dot Set Bag Tags on orange and purple purses with keychains on a green background
These LEGO dot keychains are perfect for backpacks and purses!

This would be a creative art project for the kids and I cannot wait to see what my kids make with them.

Grab the LEGO DOTS Bag Tags Mega Pack on Amazon for $29.95 here.


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How cute is this LEGO dot set? Will you be getting one this year?

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