Check out this LEGO waffle maker! Seriously, it’s so cool! With this LEGO wafflemaker you can make breakfast fun by building a LEGO waffle home! We were always told not to play with out food, but with this LEGO wafflemaker, we can definitely play with out food! How cool…and delicious!

LEGO wafflemaker filled with waffles and a waffle house with cream and berries on a plate
This LEGO wafflemaker will make breakfast exciting!


There are two things that are really loved in this house…LEGO’s and waffles. My wife has always wanted a waffle maker and since she’s gotten one, she’s been cranking out yummy waffles for the family.

But, can you imagine how much fun Sunday morning breakfast will be when you bust out a LEGO waffle maker! You could build so many amazing things!

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This LEGO Waffle Maker Started On Kickstarter And Now You Can Get It On Amazon

Building Bricks Waffle Maker LEGO waffle house, truck, animals
Courtesy of Amazon- Use your LEGO waffle maker to make a house, car, or even an animal!

I recently stumbled upon a fully-backed Kickstarter that I thought was genius. The World’s First Building Brick Breakfast Waffle Maker lets you make waffles that your family will love to eat AND lets them build all kinds of creations on their plate.

I know that our family won’t be the only ones excited to make waffles this way…the Kickstarter for this waffle maker did so great! It started March 24, 2020 and it was fully funded in just over one day! They ended up over $200,000 and only needed $7,500 to be fully funded! People were excited!

And now you can get it on Amazon!

Kids and adults alike will be able to play with their breakfast each morning. How much fun will it be to see what everyone else at the table can create with their waffle pieces?

Your Kids Are Going to Love This Lego Waffle Maker to make a waffle maker truck
You can make LEGO waffles that are single blocks, double blocks, even quadruple blocks!

More About This Super Awesome LEGO Wafflemaker

This LEGO wafflemaker lets you make 14 different fun brick shapes. And the best part is, it doesn’t take long, you can make waffle building blocks in minutes. Plus, this the waffle maker is non-stick so you don’t have to worry about your blocks breaking or getting stuck.

What sizes does the LEGO waffle blocks come in?

  • Single Blocks
  • Double Blocks
  • Quadruple Blocks
Make a castle with your LEGO waffle maker to along with an animal pin, and tiny house with cream, chocolate chips, and berries, and syrup and toys
Breakfast is fun, tasty, and fun fine motor skill practice for kids! And parents will have fun too! Who wouldn’t!?

This is actually really cool, because you don’t have to worry about cutting up waffles! Because you can make these waffles all sizes so they’re easy for kids to pick up.

Head on over to this link The World’s First Building Brick Breakfast Waffle Maker!

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Sprinkles, berries, cream, chocolate chip LEGO waffle maker waffle house

What would be the first thing you’d build with your waffles?

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