These 5 fun first day of school traditions are simple things you can start this year…try one or try them all! Family traditions are such an important part of childhood memories and it can be easy to get too busy to remember that.

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Let’s start a first day of school tradition this year!

Easy First Day of School Traditions for Kid

Up until this year our only first day of school tradition was the obligatory first day of school picture…

Our older boys have always reluctantly participated in my first day of school picture taking, but this year I want to make it more fun for all of them. So, after browsing more first day of school traditions than I ever knew existed, I decided to create some that will fit my family better.

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back to school ideas written on a chalk board held by child
New first day of school tradition ideas!

1. Fun First Day of School Breakfast

After watching my kids eat their way through the summer and knowing how incredibly tall they’re getting, there’s no way I’m letting them leave for the first day of school without an incredible breakfast. Since they tend to be picky eaters, I’m planning on making a Back to School Breakfast Burrito Bar.

Breakfast is the best way to start the day right with any family member. And having a special breakfast can make your child’s first day that much better!

Back to School Breakfast Burrito Bar

There will be scrambled eggs, diced ham, onions, shredded cheese, diced green peppers, salsa, and cooked sausage ready to include in a delicious burrito. They’ll be able to grab a warm tortilla and wrap up their own Back to School Breakfast Burrito in no time! I’m planning on decorating the table with an inexpensive plastic tablecloth and having special napkins to add a bit of fun to the exciting morning.

Kids Back to school breakfast idea- easy breakfast balls with oatmeal and grapes in a blue bowl held by a child
Make a special breakfast for your kids on the first day of school.

Breakfast Balls for a Quick & Special Breakfast

Want something a little quicker?  Try these breakfast balls.

It is one of our favorite breakfasts and can be easily taken on-the-go in case you are running a little behind on the first day of school! <–We don’t judge {giggle}!

Cookies for Breakfast

Another breakfast tradition we have had at our house for special occasions like the first day of school is my grandma’s famous breakfast cookie recipe.

I mean, wouldn’t ANY day be better with cookies for breakfast?

2. First Day of School Picture…Yes

OK, we made fun of the first day of school pictures, but it is something you really do want! Let’s make it as painless for the kids as possible.

Kids Back To Day photos with back to school grade signs held by child by a door- kids activities blog
Take the cutest first day of school with these 1st day of school signs.

I printed out a collection of First Day of School Signs and will be snapping the kids’ pictures before they head out. I’ve been doing this since they were in preschool, so it’s always fun to look back over the years at how much they’ve grown and changed.

For extra fun, set up a photo booth area in your living or dining room and take pictures of all of the kids together or grab some printable signs here.

3. Make a First Day of School Time Capsule

There’s a lot of things that happen throughout the school year! By the last day of school in June, the first day seems like it was a lifetime ago.

I’ll be starting a time capsule of the first day by collecting the newspaper, jotting down notes about what’s happening in our family, and including the kids’ first day of school pictures in it.

Kids First Day of school idea-family time capsule - Kids Activities Blog
Make a first day of school time capsule!

Any small trinkets or things that I think will help us remember the first day will also be included. I plan on using a decorative box from the craft store, but any container would work.

Here is some more information on making a family time capsule.

4. Special One-on-One Time

Heading off to school can be a daunting task. Even if your child has a few first days of school under his belt, starting a new class can make him nervous.

One of the traditions I’m most excited about starting this year is one-on-one time. I’ll be sitting with each of the kids individually, talking with them about their nervousness and excitement while encouraging them in their new adventure.

Our chat will end with a hug and a selfie of the two of us together. I can’t wait to have a few minutes of cherished time with each child that morning. Here are a few one on one time ideas.

5. After School Mini Vacation

When the kids come home, they’re going to be excited and exhausted.

The first day of school really wears them out!

I am planning a little mini vacation for their return home. It is like a quiet, happy pause after a busy day with some of their favorite things…

After School Treat

Kids first day of school idea- homemade yogurt parfait with yogurt, fruit and granola
Let’s have an after school treat!

Yogurt Parfait

My kids favorite after school treat is a homemade yogurt parfait. I’ll have a healthy snack bar waiting though to give them a second wind. Plain Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, homemade granola, nuts, coconut, and other fun yogurt bar fixins will help them recharge while they tell me all about their first day – and hand over the nine billion papers I need to fill out and return for them.

You can get some more plain yogurt recipes kids will love!

Homemade Apple Fruit Roll Ups

Another after school treat that we love is homemade applesauce roll ups. They are easy to make ahead of time and have on hand for a special snack like the first day of school.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies may not be the healthiest, but this is a big day! And a treat is okay sometimes! A couple chocolate chip cookies with some water or milk never hurt, in moderation of course!

Back to School Snacks

If you want to go with a school themed treat, check out this big collection of really cute back to school snacks & food that you could have to celebrate the first day of school.

Read a Story Together!

I have always found a story to be a great way to subtly remind my children of all of the things that make them wonderful and strong. I am so proud of them, but sometimes they can be embarrassed when I say it too directly. This is where story time can come in handy!

Kids first day of school idea- Great books to read after first day of school - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s read a story together after the first day of school!
  • I Am So Brave – Celebrate the feats of growing up, together!
  • The Day You Begin – It is ok to feel different! A reminder to children that they are special and unique.
  • The Invisible String – A heartwarming story of the unbreakable connection between parent and child.

Benefit of First Day of School Traditions for Kids

The first day of school is a busy one and is sure to be filled with butterflies in their little tummies. By celebrating the day and making it a special time, I hope that it will ease my children’s anxiety and let them know how much they’re loved.

And if your child has separation anxiety taking time to do these things on their special day, the next day, first week, or all year long will help remind them, “Mom and dad are always going to be here.”

BAck to School traditions for kids - Kids Activities Blog
Back to school is an exciting time!


New school year! That means school supplies, new friends, and we can’t forget about your child’s teacher! We have ideas, tips, gifts, and more to make this school season a breeze! From the first day of kindergarten to high school, from morning routine to words of encouragement in the lunch box, we got it all!

Do you have any first day of school traditions? Tell us!

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