Our favorite school project has to be the 100th Day of School Shirt.  It has been called 100 days of school shirt or “wow, we survived this long?” {giggle}. Here are some of our favorite 100 days of school shirt ideas that are easy to make and fun to wear.

100th Day of School Shirt Ideas for Kids - six examples shown like I survived 100 days shirt with bandaids 100 days brighter, 100 eyeballs and gumball shirt
Let’s make an easy 100th Day of School Shirt!

100 Days of School

If you have a kindergartener or 1st grader, you have probably heard of the 100th Day of School project. Our school asks students to wear 100 things on this day — they even have a parade!

What is special about the 100th day of school?

Most school year calendars consist of 180 days so when the 100th day of school rolls around, the year is over 1/2 done! It is a fun time to reflect on some of the major accomplishments that have been achieved in the school year especially when it comes to counting and math.

What is a 100 day shirt?

A 100 day shirt is a handmade shirt (usually with the help of the child) that displays 100 items to celebrate the 100th day of the school year. Often the homemade 100 day shirts are themed and have a funny saying or quote.

Why do schools celebrate the 100th day of school?

While it is most common in grade 1, other grades celebrate the 100th day of school as well: Pre-K, Preschool, Kindergarten and older grades. It is a fun way to celebrate that more than half of the school year is over and concentrate on some of the lessons already learned in a fun way.

Other Ways to Celebrate the 100th Day of School 

100 Days of School Ideas: What to Wear

Celebrating the 100th day of school is a milestone for many kids, families and teachers. A fun way to mark this achievement is to wear an outfit or shirt to school that incorporates the number 100 in some way. We have a big list of ideas of fun ways to have a 100 shirt…an easy favorite is to make a shirt with 100 stars or 100 googly eyes!

How Do You make a 100 Day Shirt?

All of these t-shirts that celebrate the 100th day of school are easy to make in a few simple steps:

  • Choose a shirt in your child’s size that is plain and sturdy enough to attache decorations.
  • Using fabric glue or a glue gun, attach 100 small items like small toys or embellishments. Or using fabric paint, paint 100 of something on the shirt.
  • Allow the glue or paint to dry.

How Can I Decorate My Shirt for 100 Days of School? 

I searched for the best 100 Days of School Shirt Ideas to share with you for inspiration! We’d love to see your kids’ 100 Days of School Shirts — feel free to share them in the comments or over on our Facebook page! <–many of these ideas were because YOU posted on Quirky Momma.

Can’t wait to see your fun ideas!

1. 100 Days & I am Loving it Shirt

Glue 100 hearts onto a shirt for “100 Days and I’m loving it!” via The First Grade Parade.

2. Up, Up & Away on the 100th Day Shirt

Paint balloons for an “Up, up, and Away” 100th Day of School Shirt via One Artsy Mama.

3. Star Wars Hundredth Day Shirt

This Star Wars 100 Days of School shirt is so fun! via Pinterest.

Basketball 100 days of school shirt - Having a ball for 100 days - from Darice
Customize this 100th day shirt with your child’s favorite sport.

4. Having a Ball for 100 Days Shirt

You can easily customize this sports ball shirt with the sport your child loves via Darice.

5. 100 Days Brighter Shirt

You could use fabric paint or star stickers for this 100 Days Brighter shirt via Glued to My Crafts Blog.

6. Blew through 100 Days of Kindergarten Shirt

Use pom-poms to make this gumball shirt! So cute! via Pinterest.

7. 100 Days Just Flew By Shirt

Glue feathers to a shirt for a “100 Days Just Flew By!” shirt! via Kelly and Kim’s Kreations.

8. 100 Days with You, Look How I Grew Shirt

I adore this flower shirt with 100 sunflower seeds! via One Artsy Mama.

100th Day of School Shirts for Kids to Make - 100 days flew by, If you mustache I am 100 days, I've bugged my teacher for 100 days, 100 days you look how much I grow
What is your favorite 100 day shirt idea? I love the “I’ve bugged my teacher” one!

9. I Ninja’d My Way Through 100 Days Shirt

Here’s another fun pom-pom idea, this time for a Ninja Turtles shirt via Pinterest.

10. Time Flies 100 Days Shirt

Time Flies…” in this frog shirt with 100 flies! via Pinterest.

11. 100 Scary Cute Googley Eyes Shirt

Make a 100th Day of School Monster with this simple idea via Simply Modern Mom.

12. Loved 100 Day Shirt

I just love how she sewed felt hearts together for this 100th Day of School Valentines shirt via Simply Modern Mom.

13. If You “Mustache”…I’m a 100 Days Smarter Shirt

HA! This Mustache 100 Days Shirt is genius! via Pinterest.

14. I’ve Bugged My Teacher for 100 Days Shirt

A Bug-Themed 100th Day of School Shirt that is creepy crawly! via Pinterest.

15. I Survived 100 Days of School Shirt

Use different colored band-aids for a “I Survived 100 Days of School” shirt! via Pinterest.

100th Day of School Shirt Ideas - 100 days brighter, eyeballs, 100 balls, Up up and away its the 100th day
Which is your favorite 100 day of school shirt idea? I love the Up, Up and Away it’s the 100th Day!

Too many kids and not enough time? Make an iron-on tshirt instead!

No need to run to the store, you can purchase this entire set of cute 100th Day of School designs and download immediately!

Variety of 100th day of school tshirt designs with 100 objects.

Create an iron-on for a tshirt, or make a poster, tags, cards or stickers so the whole class can celebrate!

Happy 100th Day of School design with tshirt and cup mockups

What is the 100th Day of School?

Many elementary (and some middle) schools ask students to celebrate the 100th day they have attended school each year by wearing a shirt or costume with 100 items attached.

This is a fun project for students and parents to do together.

In 2021, many kids will be celebrating the 100th day of school from home with virtual lessons and bringing some celebration “normalcy” could be really uplifting.

When is the 100th Day of School?

The date of the 100th Day of School is usually celebrated in early February. The exact date will vary, depending on your school calendar.

You can find the expected date by counting the days your kid has had school, according to their calendar.

Classroom teachers and schools will typically send home information about their specific 100th Day celebrations.  If your school doesn’t do this, do it the old fashioned way…grab a calendar and get counting!

What do you put on a 100th Day of School shirt?

We’ve seen all kinds of creative projects for the 100th Day of School — one year, a student in my son’s class glued 100 army men to a cape for his costume!

Band-aids, Legos, pom poms, googly eyes, and stickers are great places to start. 

The Best Glue or Adhesive for a Kids’ 100 Day Shirt

I like Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Permanent Fabric Adhesive which works well for fabric to fabric gluing, but also can glue plastic to fabric as well.

Do I have to use a shirt?

Most students choose to use a t-shirt to attach items to, but the point of the project is to get creative!

We’ve seen aprons, hats, and capes all with 100 items attached.  

If your kid is taking classes virtually, maybe a hat would work best!

What if I want to do something different for my 100 Day Shirt?

No problem.

You can start with the ideas we’ve put together, or make your own really easily.

Most 100 days of school shirts simply have 100 items, and some even add a cute saying to take their design to the next level. 

100 Days of school shirt idea - Eye made it 100 days with googly eyes on the shirt worn by a grade school age child
Love this shirt! “Eye” Made it to 100 Days shirt idea using googly eyes!

16. Eye Made it 100 Days Shirt

When my son, Andy, was in kindergarten, he was obsessed with Pokemon. So, of course, we spent hours cutting out felt lightning bolts and a Pikachu face to put on his 100th day shirt. But when the morning of the 100th day of school came, my poor little guy was burning up with fever and couldn’t go to school. 

He was so upset that he had to miss the parade, that we had to have our own 100th Day of School celebration at home. I was sad for him that he had to miss celebrating with all his friends, but I think our fun at home was a way better option.

Speaking of Pikachu…. Check out these creative school shirt ideas from some of Andy’s friends…

100 Days of School Shirt Pictures

100 days of school shirt from school - apron with 100 dinosaurs attached
100 dinosaurs on an apron for the 100th Day of School!

17. 100 Days of Roar-someness Apron

I love this 100 days of school shirt idea even though it is more of a “100 days of school apron idea” which makes sense because gluing 100 actual plastic dinosaurs to a t-shirt might make a physics problem.  This apron idea is super cute and solves the issues.

100th day of school project - 100 dinosaurs on child hat and shirt
This 100 day shirt expanded into a matching hat!

18. 100 Days of School Shirt, Hat & More

I love this 100 days of school shirt idea that kinda exploded into a hat as well.  I mean, how else are you going to fit 100 dinosaur figures, stickers and toys?

100th Day shirt idea - thumbprints all over the shirt with the tagline Thumbs Up I'm 100 days smarter
A 100 Days shirt for school that is also a keepsake! The thumbprints are so cute!

19. Thumbs Up! I’m 100 Days Smarter Shirt

I love this 100 days of school shirt idea with thumbprints made with paint all over the shirt.  The shirt says “Thumbs Up! I am 100 Days Smarter!”  This idea is incredibly easy and could be completed with just a few supplies the night before…you know, on night 99!

OMG! I am so inspired for next year…let’s start with a countdown so I don’t forget!

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Which 100 day of school shirt idea was your favorite?

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