Learning with legos is such a fun way to play.   For the kids that love to build and learn by using their hands, this is perfect.   These are also perfect for kids of all ages that just love legos!   What better way to learn than through play? We found these and so much more fun over on our  Facebook page  and our  activity link-ups.  Head over and share yours, too! 11 Ideas for Learning with Legos

11 Ideas for Learning with Legos

1.   Invite your child to match the Lego pieces to the corresponding impressions in the play dough for a quick and fun DIY puzzle. 2.   Here's a free printable math challenge for kids using Lego or Duplo bricks!   From Buggy and Buddy. 3.   Teach your little ones how to count by tens by using this hands on lego activity.   From Teachers of Good Things. 4.   Use your legos to measure items around the house by the number of bricks it is long.   From Kidz Activities. 5.   This skip counting activity uses legos for hands-on learning and math practice.   So fun! 6.   Here is a list of several ways you can incorporate learning with legos into home school.   From Teachers of Good Things. 7.   Build a lego castle and use a marker and tape to add sight words for your kids to identify.   From Pleasantest Thing. 8.   Work on patterns with your little ones by stacking legos in a pattern and have them continue it.   From Hands On As We Grow. 9.   Try this lego science experiment by freezing lego figures in ice and letting your children pretend to be an archeologist and dig him out!   From Lemon Lime Adventures. 10.   Create this incredible lego baseball game that is so much fun and teaches math concepts.   From Teach Mama. 11.   Make a lego instruction book for your kids to follow.   This is a great boredom buster to keep around!  

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