DIY Lego Costume

How cute is this DIY LEGO costume? Would your LEGO enthusiast love to wear a giant DIY LEGO costume for Halloween this year? Let us help you with this fun idea – just one of our many homemade Halloween costumes. We at Kids Activities Blog just love costumes like this that are cheap and easy to make!

lego brick costume- little girl and little boy in a red lego halloween costume- kids activities blog
This LEGO Halloween costume is perfect for kids of all ages!

Super Easy Lego Halloween Costume For Kids

Needing a quick and easy Halloween costume? This DIY LEGO costume is perfect! Why? Well, it’s:

  • Uses recycled materials like cardboard and boxes.
  • Budget-friendly- only needs minimal crafting supplies.
  • Easy to make!
  • Can be customized by using your favorite color.
  • Perfect for kids of all ages and even adults.

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LEGOs are a staple in our house. From an early age my kids loved LEGOs, so making this LEGO Halloween costume was an exciting time in my house!

How To Make A DIY LEGO Costume

how to make a lego costume from a cardboard box- trace and cut circles- glue them to the box- paint the box- kids activities blog
These LEGO costume steps are super easy!

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Supplies Needed

Directions To Make A LEGO Halloween Costume

  1. Cut the flaps off your box.
  2. Take your box and cut out leg, arm, and head holes. Cut out circles from the top of the box, bottom of the box, and the sides.
  3. Spray paint your box your child’s favorite color.
  4. Allow it to fully dry.
  5. Take the flaps and trace circles on it with a marker.
  6. Cut out the circles.
  7. Glue them to the from of your LEGO costume.
  8. Punch holes in the box to tie your ribbon or string to make arm loops.
  9. Tie the ribbon or strings to back, making loops for the arms so your child’s costume won’t fall off.

Finished Homemade LEGO Costume

There! Your super cute and easy LEGO costume is finished! Be a long LEGO, a square LEGO, whatever your favorite LEGO is!

easy diy LEGO costume for halloween, a lego brick - kids activities blog
Put the LEGO costume on and get ready for Halloween!

Our Experience Making A Homemade LEGO Costume

We try to make the kids costumes each Halloween.   This year, Lowes inspired us to “think outside the box” and with the help of a giant appliance box (Thank you handy shopping assistant Doug!!) and a couple of cans of spray paint as well as several smaller boxes we had Legos. Human Legos.

Lego blocks are one of our favorite things to play with. All. Day. Long. The kids absolutely love building and creating.

Red is my son’s favorite color. He’s thrilled with his costume – and I was thrilled with how easy it was to create. All it took was a short trip to my local Lowes.


How did your LEGO costume turn out? Comment below and let us know, we’d love to hear you!


  1. This year we went store bought… well for Big M anyway. He saw a Bumblebee costume he wanted. Little M has a room full of dress up clothes and has decided to make her own costume out of what she has (oh yeah I LOVE that!!!) For Halloween pictures she dressed all in pink with her pink umbrella and walked around saying “Save me, Save me.” We think she was a damsel in distress?!?!?

    Last year we went totally homemade. Big M was a garbage truck. He had a box in the front to fill candy. He could put it over his head and dump it into the back. (Daddy did that one.) Little M and I worked together to sew her mermaid costume. It was fun!

    ps. ADORABLE LEGOs you have there!

  2. I am past the costume age – unless there is a special party of something. However, I am loving the grandchildren thing. This year the 3 year old is into Disney princessesses, as she says. So, she is going as Cinderella. To complete the look, 11 month old baby brother is the “fat rat”. Momma is the fairy godmother. And Daddy is Prince Charming. They ought to be quite the spectacle going around the neighborhood and at the church Halloween party! Her costume is purchased, but everyone else is homemade.

  3. My 3yr old son is really into space right now. He wants to be an astronaut. So, we have a hand-me-down orange NASA jumpsuit he’ll wear, and we’re going to take a large hanging clothes moving box, paint it white, write USA on it and some knobs. Then, we’ll put it on top of our wagon as his space ship. My 1 yr old son is going to be a green Martian. We’re going to dress him in green, paint his face, and I’ll make him a hat with antennas. Can’t wait to take them trick or treating!

  4. What a very cool idea… My kids love Legos but they love the mini figures and alas those are a little harder to make. Looks fun though!

  5. Legos is an awesome idea! Never thought of that! Henry’s going at The Cat in the Hat this year. Super simple, use a black sweatshirt and pants and add a white felt/fleece/fabric oval to the front of the body (I used safety pins so nothing’s permanent). Add a cute red bowtie made of felt too. I did buy the hat though. Couldn’t have made it for less $$ and this way it looks right too 😀 — I added a tail just by rolling up some black fabric and also safety pinning it together and onto the back of the pants (I didn’t cut the fabric or anything, I try to make everything temporary!) — Add some white gloves and we got a cat! And probably some cute face painting too.

  6. My son went store bought. He’s going to be Iron Man and loves his costume! My daughter was a little more difficult, but easy at the same time. She likes this show called Adventure Time and there was a character named Fiona, which was a female version of their regular, hero character, Finn. She decided to be that for Halloween. It’s not a costume you can buy and the hat Fiona wears proved to be a bit difficult for me as I don’t sew. Luckily, my step-mom is a sewer and Ariel’s dad found a tutorial on You Tube, so now, she has her hat. The rest of the costume was easy, blue skirt, blue top, white knee socks, and a sword. She loves it! She wears her hat all the time too…because that’s my daughter…she marches to her own beat.

  7. Last year we made a lego costume too! I cut hole in the box and then put solo cups through the holes from the inside and secured them with duct tape. Then I spray painted the whole thing. It was awesome.

    We need to get busy making a few things this week.

  8. I love this simple idea! I remember when as a kid a friend of mine was a tissue box, only she made it too wide and couldn’t get out the door. It must have been a flat-packed box to get inside in the first place. : )

  9. I love the lego idea. This is going to be the first year my son will be actually going treat a treating so i’m excited. My husband and I are going to be football players and my son (18 months old) is the football. Had a friend sew white stripes on a brown onesie.

  10. My son actually wants to be a blue lego this year. he he.

    A great idea would be…a bubble bath with balloons as the bubbles. Except my son would pop them. ha ha.

  11. ADORABLE!! And so clever! I once made myself into a ” birthday present” when I was younger, following similar principles. I wrapped up a huge box in wrapping paper and tied a huge bow around it, cut arm and neck holes and put it on like a t-shirt! I loved it and thought I looked so fab! We don’t celebrate Halloween so my littlies won’t have costumes, but I love all these ideas above!

  12. I love the Lego costume!

    My daughter’s costume is not terribly original, but I have to brag on her. She just turned 9. All on her own she made her own jack-o-lantern costume. She has green leggings, an orange skirt, and an orange shirt that she turned inside out. She cut out eyes, nose, smile from black construction paper and taped it to the shirt. Then she put her hair in a ponytail with a green bow. She looks so cute and she did it all on her own, with no prompting from us.

  13. The best costume I’ve seen was a tree. It was so cute. It was the child’s idea and homemade. He was wrapped in a brown cloth with branches attached. Oh I just loved it!

  14. What a cute idea. Last year we were bam bam flintstone and we turned our little tikes car into the flintstone mobile. This year we bought a pirate costume, but I am turning his wagon into a pirate ship.

  15. What a great idea – I was once a toothbrush with a similar idea with a drawn toothbrush in the box. My eldest will be a devil with a red cape that I am making and red t-shirt with his red track suit bottoms and my little one a witch in a orange and purple tutu that I made and purple stripy tights and purple t-shirt that I’ve added extra sequins (she’s only 7 months so can’t be a scary witch).

  16. Thank you for linking to Halloween Traditions and sharing your idea with my readers! This is such a great idea!

  17. We love homemade costumes at our house! Your kiddos will probably like my five year old son’s costume – he’s a Lego Man. Homemade and thrifty with most of the supplies bought at the dollar store. You can see it here: If your kids don’t like that one, how about a gumball machine ( or a live American Girl doll (

    What a fun contest. I love seeing what others come up with!

  18. Very very cool! We’re mad about lego in our house! (not so mad about halloween though so no costume ideas to offer!)

  19. Melanie L says:

    we are not going out in the cold. We have decided to go to a fall harvest festival to do games and fun vs a getting candy from strangers. Any treats that are brought home will be purchased by us and my daughter will get to go pick out a toy instead.

    1. Melanie L says:

      My daughter will be princess hello kitty (white ears with a bow, and a tutu with a hello kitty shirt and tights)

  20. I LOVE the lego costume! The long brick and short brick. That is too cute! We always make R’s costumes as well. My favorites where when he was Squirtle from Pokemon (my husband use to love pokemon.. lol.. husbands) and last year’s when he was a pterodactyl. Here’s last years..

    This year he wants to be a cat. I still haven’t made it though. Isn’t that horrible? I never learn.

  21. The Lego idea is awesome! I may have to keep that in mind for next year 🙂

    Eli’s costume this year is “Rocket Man”, as he calls it. I found an awesome tutorial for a jet pack on Pinterest, and that is the foundation of his costume.

    To complete his costume I embellished some grey pants and a grey shirt with shiny duct tape. He loves it and we got tons of compliments on it at a costume parade that we attended today!

  22. Brandy Taylor says:

    Last year we dressed my husband up as a dead miss pageant winner he looked so great he wore fingernails heels/makeup it all… he looked hilarious!

  23. Like a previous comment, one year I wrapped a large box in birthday wrapping paper and went as a birthday present including a large bow on my head with lots of curly ribbons. The next year, my sister turned the present box into a Sponge Bob Square Pants and I went as Patrick (We taught kindergarten at the same school and wanted to have costumes that “went” together.) I have to say, it’s difficult to function while wearing a large box!

    My absolute favorite costume was the year that my mom made my 2 year old son a monkey costume and my husband created a “man in the yellow hat” costume. We used a basket wrapped in yellow duct tape and a cardboard circle painted yellow to make the hat. We dyed a white shirt and white pants yellow and even made the polka dot tie. My husband is 6′ 4″ with dark brown hair, so they made the perfect Curious George and man with the yellow hat.

  24. Very creative idea! Love it, love it, love it…

    Here’s what my son will be sporting this weekend…

  25. Happy Halloween! Featured your CUTE costume at our Halloween round up today 🙂

    Thanks for linking up!

  26. These lego costumes are great! My son would love this! I found you through Tatertots and Jello. Thanks for sharing!

  27. My boys love lego’s. I wish my and I had stumbled across this site about two weeks ago! Thanks for the great idea and the pictures!

  28. Brilliant costumes and a fun way to use cardboard boxes

  29. turned out cute! I’m torn between a lego and a robot right now.

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