Have You Ever Wondered How Lego Blocks Are Made? [Video]

Chances are at some point in your life you’ve owned Lego blocks.

At very least you’ve seen them and know what they are.

How are LEGO bricks made - Kids Activities Blog
How are LEGO bricks made?

Now, if you’re like me you think you have a general idea of how they’re made, but you’d be wrong.

video how are lego bricks made - photo of LEGO land discovery center
Are they made in a machine that looks like this? {giggle}

Even though Lego has only been around for about fifty years, they’ve already been voted ‘toy of the century’…twice.

There is Lego movies.

Lego food.

Lego theme park you can take your kids to!

screenshot from LEGO Batman movie of three characters fighting evil
We watch the movies!

Lego’s captivate our imagination because we can build them into ANYTHING.

And Lego has proven that by coming out with amazing kit after kit after kit to completely blow our minds (and keep us wanting more!).

screenshot from how legos are made video with complicated set of leopards
I wonder how long that took to put together…

But…how are they made?

I imagined an assembly line with a plastic press and sorting bins.

And while that’s part of it, I was no where near close to what actually happens!

Take a look!

How LEGOs are Made Video

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