Back to School Coloring Pages Featuring Silly School Supplies!

Today we have the cutest back to school coloring pages which are a set of silly school supply coloring pages. Download, print and color these school supplies coloring pages at home or in the classroom and have a great time as a welcome back to school activity for returning or new students.

Back to School Coloring Pages to download and print from Kids Activities Blog - coloring page pdfs shown
Let’s color the back to school coloring pages right now!

Free Back to School Coloring Pages

These happy school supplies make returning to school so much fun! Not only are they fun, but they will also help ease those back to school jitters. So grab your big box of crayons, markers, colored pencils or watercolor paints! We are going to have some fun with school supplies…

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School Supplies Coloring Pages for Kids

3 Pages featuring adorable, silly, smiling school supplies…

Back to school coloring page pdf shown with a calculator, ruler and the numbers 1 2 and 3.  They each have happy faces and are silly
Let’s color the calculator, ruler and the math numbers…

1. BTS Coloring Page with Calculator, Ruler and Your 1, 2, 3’s

The first back to school coloring page is all about the things you might use in math class. There is a calculator (if your teacher will let you use it), a ruler with a smile and the numbers 1 2 & 3. I think I would start with a yellow crayon.

Back to school coloring page pdf shown with an apple and a stack of text books for school
Let’s color the apple red and then read the sleeping school books!

2. Apple & Stack of Books Coloring Page for Back to School

Our next BTS coloring page has a smiling apple sitting on top a stack of three thick textbooks. The middle textbook seems to be taking a classroom nap.

Back to school coloring page pdf shown with a spiral notebook and pencil ready for color

3. Spiral Notebook with Pencil Coloring Page for BTS

The third in this set of free printable coloring pages for back to school features a spiral notebook bound on top with a smiling pencil with a new eraser ready to go to class and take notes. What a fun way to play with school supplies!

Download & Print the Back to School Coloring Sheets pdf Fiile Here

Crayons ready for back to school coloring pages - Kids activities blog
Let’s grab our favorite supplies for coloring!

Our Favorite Coloring Supplies

We love using a coloring book or free download for kids to work on fine motor skills. Our favorite coloring supplies to use with these digital files perfect for the start of school are:

More Back to School Free Printables from Kids Activities Blog

Which of the back to school coloring pages was your favorite? Did you use them for the first day of class?

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