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We have the best real-life life hacks for kids, DIY hacks and life hacks for school. Basically, if you are living with kids, you will be thankful you came across all this smart advice!

What is a life hack?

A life hack (or life hacking) is any trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method that increases productivity and efficiency, in all walks of life. The term was primarily used by computer experts who suffer from information overload or those with a playful curiosity in the ways they can accelerate their workflow in ways other than programming. –Wikipedia

Life Hacks for Kids

Life with kids is a crazy chaos of organization, discipline, teaching, hugging, cleaning and more! No wonder there are so many applicable tips and tricks for leading an easier life with kids in the house. Keep scrolling for tons of fun and interesting real life advice, my favorite life hacks are:

  • LEGO ideas – hacks, organization and building hacks for kids
  • Art hacks for kids – ways to hack art & crafts
  • Baby hacks – life with baby can be easier!
  • Nerf storage – hacks and tips for getting the toys put away…really!
  • Snack hacks – these are genius ideas for snacks and kids

DIY Hacks

Oh! Keeping the home decorated, renovated, packed, unpacked, moved, organized and more can be soooo hard. Keep scrolling for some really good ideas on how to make all those things easier in DIY world at home! Some of my favorite DIY hacks are:

School Hacks

Over the years, we have written a lot of great life hacks for school. School is a big part of every family’s life! Keep scrolling to see them all, but my favorite school hacks are:

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