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Whether you are online learning, homeschooling, or your kids are back in school they need a space to study at home. Having their own space without distractions and noise from the rest of the house is so important, especially if they are doing video calls with teachers. Siblings making noise, parents working from home, and other distractions can make it hard to concentrate.

We are in the middle of moving into our new house. With online learning starting for my teenage twins, setting up a study space was one of our first tasks. My son tends to get very distracted, but he needs more supervision so tends to work close to me during the school day. However, my daughter prefers the peace and quiet of her bedroom without the distraction and noise coming from the rest of the house. It was important to set up study space just for her. Somewhere she feels inspired to work.

a teen girl study area with desk, laptop, gallery wall, and office supplies
teenage girl study space at home

Thankfully, we already had a desk that her grandparents had purchased for her, and the school provided a laptop. She wanted to decorate the space though. Her future goal is to be an interior designer, so designing her own space was important.

We ordered all of the wall gallery items using the Same Day Service at Walmart Photo.

Back-to-school wall calendar

My favorite item is the Simply Elegant 12-Month Photo Calendar. We thought it only fitting to have the first month start with a photo of the twins wearing their masks.

a girl writing on a wall calendar that shows kids wearing masks
kids wearing masks on back-to-school calendar

We relocated from another state, so for the rest of the calendar, she chose photos of her and her best friend at various places we all visited together.

This calendar was so easy to put together, we just added her favorite photos and chose a month to start from.

a screenshot of a walmart photo calendar
custom Walmart photo calendar

Design your own canvas

The next thing she wanted was a couple of quote canvases to mix and match with photographs. We used Walmart’s Full Photo Canvas to create both of our designs. I created the designs using an online graphic design program.

Note: If you would like to print our designs on canvas using Walmart Photo, click on the ‘download now’ button under each photo below.

Seeing as we are online learning, for now, she spends a lot of time in her pajamas. I think she gets that from me. I work from home and often need to double-check that I’m dressed when I leave the house.

This ‘life is better in pajamas’ word canvas is my favorite. I think I might need to make another for my home office too.

This canvas was printed as an 11×14 and wraps around the sides of the canvas. When designing your own, make sure to leave an extra inch of space on the sides so your text or design doesn’t run over the side of the canvas.

a girl hanging a life is better in pajamas wall canvas
life is better in pajamas wall canvas

As I mentioned above, she wants to be an interior designer, so this ‘designing my future’ canvas was very fitting. I thought it might keep her on task and working toward her dream career. We had this one printed on a 16×20 canvas.

wall gallery with a designing my future canvas
designing my future wall canvas

Mounted photos

The last thing she wanted to make her gallery wall complete was mounted photos of her pets. Although at the time of making this, we only had two turtles, we have since adopted a third. It looks like I have a space left on the wall to add another mounted photo.

We decided that 5×5 mounted square photos would be perfect as I could grab these images straight off my social media. We used mounting tape to attach them to the wall, but they do have stands tucked into the back in case she wants to move them to another spot in her bedroom later on.

a wall gallery of canvas word art, a calendar and mounted photos
wall gallery for a teen bedroom

She is so happy with this space. We had so much fun putting it together and now she is set up for a successful year. Now we get to start working on her brother’s space too.

teen girl study space at home with lights, a wall gallery, desk, and laptop
a study space at home for a teenage girl

Take a look at Walmart Photo and use their Same Day Service to make a gallery wall for your teen’s back-to-school space. Walmart is your one-stop-shop to pick up back-to-school supplies, furniture, and electronics while you are picking up your photos.

Watch the video below to see how my daughter’s space came together.

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