September 29, 2024, is National Coffee Day and we have so many fun ideas and recipes to celebrate! National Coffee Day is the perfect time of the year to stop and make a new coffee drink at home with some of the best homemade coffee drinks we are sharing, like: homemade lattes, two-ingredients coffee cups, and we’ve also got some amazing crafts for kids too!

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Let’s celebrate National Coffee Day together!

National COFFEE Day 2024

Every year we celebrate National Coffee Day!  This year, National Coffee Day is on September 29, 2024. In fact – did you know there’s another coffee holiday? International Coffee Day is celebrated on October 1, 2024. You can make the most out of both holidays with these coffee recipes and crafts we’ve got for you and your little ones! Click the button to download and print our National Coffee Day printables now:

We have also included a free National Coffee Day printout to add to the fun. Our PDF file includes 5+ facts about coffee and a festive coffee day coloring page. You can download the printable pdf file below.

Let’s start with the crafts for kids, then we can move onto some recipes for adults.


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Did you know these fun coffee facts?

Our first national coffee day fact page includes 6 facts about coffee that are so much fun to learn. Kids can color it with their favorite crayons as they learn about coffee!

2. National Coffee Day Coloring Page

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Happy National Coffee Day!

Our second national coffee day coloring page features two cute cups of coffee with the words National Coffee Day – it’s definitely the most festive Coffee Day coloring page ever! Kids can use glue to decorate it with some real coffee beans, or put coffee grounds on the cups too.

Download & Print National Coffee Day pdf File Here

National Coffee Day Crafts for Kids

National Coffee Day Recipes

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Happy National Coffee Day!

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