August 12 is Middle Child Day! During this day, the middle children of the world enjoy an entire day dedicated to themselves. We also have a fun printable about Middle Child Day that you can download for free. Let’s celebrate this special day with this compilation of fun ideas perfect for kids of all ages!

Middle Child Day is August 12 - printed pdf files of middle child day facts from Kids Activities Blog shown on a white background with craft supplies
Let’s celebrate Middle Child Day with this fun free printable!

National Middle Child Day 2024

Everyone deserves their own holiday, and that’s why we celebrate National Middle Child Day every year! This year Middle Child Day is on August 12. Let’s make this day the best National Middle Child Day for our middle children with these exciting ideas. We are sure they’ll love them!

A fun way to spend National Middle Child Day is with fun printables. So we also included a free Middle Child Day printout to add to the holiday fun:

Middle Child Day History

National Middle Child Day began in 1986 to celebrate that in-between child of the family. In fact, sometimes, larger families might have more than one middle child! Elizabeth Walker created National Middle Children’s Day back in the 1980s, in order to honor those children – middle children – that often felt left out.

But there are many cool things about being the middle child in a family! Middle children usually develop important skills such as empathy, diplomacy, and leadership. In fact, many U.S. presidents were middle children! Besides, many children are often very artistic and creative.

Let’s make your middle-born family members feel special with some fun activities! 

Printable Middle Child Day Fun Facts Sheet

We have so many fun facts about the middle child which is perfect for middle child day! Check them out!

1. Middle Child Printable Facts Page

Middle Child Day Coloring Pages Screenshot
Did you know these facts about middle children?

Our first printable middle child facts page includes random fun facts about middle children. How many of these middle child facts did you already know? {giggles} Grab your crayons and enjoy coloring these fun facts!

2. Middle Child Day Coloring Page

Middle Child Day Coloring Pages Screenshot 2
Happy Middle Child Day!

Our second printable is a middle child day coloring page. This cute coloring page includes a cute sibling picture ready to be colored with fun colors. Print and give one of these to each child so everyone can celebrate and wish their sibling a happy Middle Child Day!

Download & Print Middle Child pdf Files Here

Middle Child Day Activities for Kids

  • Enjoy a Middle Child Day meal! Simply let them choose today’s meal, or choose one of these simple cooking for children recipes and cook it together
  • Team up or compete against each other playing these awesome board games for kids
  • Enjoy a delicious mid-afternoon snack of their choice
  • Make a cute middle child scrapbook with pictures, drawings, and things they love
  • Build a kids indoor fort
  • Talk about what’s the best thing of being a middle child!
  • Relax for a bit while coloring this zentangle M letter coloring sheet
  • Learn how to draw a bubble letter M for Middle Child Day!
  • Take the letters that spell out “middle” and do an activity for each letter. For example, “m” is for “making cookies”, “i” is for imitating an animal, “d” is for “dancing” to fun music”, “l” is for “laughing with jokes for kids“, “e” is for “escape room books”. Get creative!
  • Think about words that start with the letter m.
  • Make the middle child the boss for the day – they get to decide what’s for dinner, what TV shows to watch, or what game to play.
  • Let them pick one of these fun family activities
  • Have some crafty fun with our letter m crafts for kids.
  • Look at videos and pictures of them and talk about memories they remember from those times.
  • Make a middle child time capsule with their favorite items.

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Happy Middle Child Day!

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