Happy Left-Handers Day! Left Handers Day is celebrated on August 13, 2024 and we have so many fun activities for kids of all ages to make this day the best Left-handers Day ever. Left-Handers Day is the perfect time of the year to stop and recognize all of the lefties of the world with some fun ideas, like giving them a handmade card, learning to write with your opposite hand, and learn some cool facts about our beloved lefties.

Left Hander's Day fun facts and card
Let’s celebrate Left Handers’ Day with these fun facts and activities!

International Left Handers Day 2024

Lefties of the world, this is your time to shine! Every year we celebrate International Left-Handers Day! This year, International Left-Handers Day falls on August 13, 2024. In order to make this year’s holiday the best Left-Handers Day ever, we have oh so many good ideas for celebration.

We have also included a free Left-Handers Day printout to add to the fun, with tons of fun facts about left-handed people and a cute coloring page too. You can download the printable pdf file below.

International Left Handers Day History

What do Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga, and Leonardo Da Vinci have in common? They were all lefties!

International Left-Handers Day was unofficially created in 1992 by the Left-Handers Club in the UK, and it is meant to increase awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of being left-handed. Lefties, also called southpaws, have to deal daily with small inconveniences, like using scissors suitable for right-handed people, getting their hands smudged while trying to write, and even bumping their hands while writing in binders.

In fact, many, many years back, people used to think lefties were witches. But nowadays, we can appreciate them for the differences that make them unique. After all, only 10% of the population are left-handed!

Left Handers Day Activities for Kids

  • If you are left-handed, brag about it! Wear a t-shirt that shows you’re left-handed or make a post on social media using the hashtag #LeftHandersDay.
  • Congratulate your left-handed friends or family with a big hug
  • Play an instrument with your opposite hand
  • Create an adorable handprint keepsake – with your left hand, of course!
  • Play thumb wars with your opposite hand
  • Grab some of our coloring pages for kids and color them with your left hand
  • For 24hrs, do everything using only your opposite hand
  • Give all lefties in your life some “you are appreciated printable cards
  • If you are a righty, use left-handed scissors and use them with your right hand, learn how to throw a ball with your left hand, or write with your left hand on a notebook.
  • Create a secret handshake with a friend but only using your left-hand
  • Use your opposite hand on these handwriting practice for kids worksheets
  • Learn about personality traits that many left-handed people share

Printable International Left-Handers Day Fun Facts Sheet

Our Left Handers Day PDF file includes two coloring pages:

Left Hander's Day fun facts
Did you know these cool facts about left-handers?

Our first coloring page includes some fun facts about left-handers that you probably didn’t know about. Color this page with your favorite crayons!

Left Hander's Day Coloring Pages Screenshot 2
Happy Left Handers Day!

Our second coloring page features… a lot of left hands, of course! {giggles} Color it and keep it in your room to remind yourself of your special holiday, or give it to your left-handed friends to celebrate with them if you are not a lefty.

Download & Print pdf File Here

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Happy International Left-Handers Day!

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