Don’t add to the landfills!  Create new things with your rubbish bin.  You can use items to organize, make your own toys, even play a number of kids activities… And today, we are talking about all the things you can make with a coffee can! coffee can crafts

DIY Coffee Can Projects.

Use Coffee Cans to organize yarn or other random objects.  I love how this organization doubles as wall art! This coffee can craft is a super easy birdfeeder that you can make with the kiddos! All you need is an empty coffee can, some paint, and a bit of rope to hang it! In the book, 101 Kids Activities, there is a game where kids bang a can gong – make your own gong from your recycle bin! Use a coffee can to make a drum that your little one can decorate. So cute and provides hours of entertainment! With a little grout and leftover tiles, Create a mosaic on the outside of an old can with this coffee can hack. Wrapping hemp rope around an old coffee (or in this case, cocoa) can is a great way to make your own inexpensive little round basket. things you can make with a coffee can

Things you can make with a Coffee Can

Create a Pollock-like work of art by kicking a can – it’s another activity you can find in the 101 Kids Activities book. Love how this mom put scrap paper around recycled  coffee canisters and used them as planters for her herb garden! Make ice cream – you will need two different sized coffee cans, ice salt, cream, sugar and a hill to roll the can down. Love this idea to add a bit of candle light to a regular table number sign. It’s a DIY old fashioned lantern with holes punched to make a number! This coffee can DIY works great as a wide, steady cake pedistal. Check out how this momma made it happen!

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