We have the best drum craft for kids! Here are some drums kids can make using a few items you may already have around the house! Kids of all ages will love to learn how to make a drum! It’s fun, easy, budget-friendly, and a great way to explore music and pretend play. This drum craft for kids is not only fun, a great way to upcycle, but a fun way for kids to explore music and rhythm.

drum craft for kids- Coffee Can Drums made with balloons and tape on a floor with a child using it- kids activities blog
This drum craft is perfect for teaching kids lessons in music!

Drums Kids Can Make

Let kids create some music of their own with some simple Coffee Can Drums. This fun activity inspires creativity not only in the creation of the instrument, but in the hours they’ll spend banging on the drums after!

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How To Make Make Coffee Can Drums

The best part is that they’re super-easy to make! All you need to create your own coffee can drums are some old coffee cans, balloons, scissors, and some packing tape. This drums craft is totally budget friendly and perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and even kindergarten kids.

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Supplies Needed To Make These DIY Drums

Video: Coffee Can Drums Kids Can Make

How To Make Your Very Own DIY Drums

Steps 1-3 Drum Crafts For Kids-Preschoolers making drums kids can play with coffee cans, balloons that are cut, and scissors- kids activities blog
Gather your supplies, cut your balloons, and get ready to rock!

Step 1

Cut the nozzle off the balloons.

Step 2

Stretch them around the can.

Coffee Can Drums- step 3 - We cut the top layer of the balloons for a cool effect kids activities blog
We cut the top layer of the balloons for a cool effect.

Step 3

We double layered the balloons for durability and cut the top layer for a fun effect.

Step 4

Tape them in place, and your kids are ready to make music!

Coffee Can Drums- toddler drumming on the top of the balloon covered coffee can drums
My son was having a blast making so much music!

Ways To make Your Drum More Fun And Your Own

While it is fun to hit your homemade drum with your hands. There are other ways you can make your diy hand drum fun. Try smacking it with different items to make different sounds, like large popsicle stick or wooden dowels. You could even use a pencil as a drum stick or chopsticks on your balloon drum.

Hit the middle of the drum and listen to the sound. Now another part on top of the drum. Doesn’t it sound different? Maybe try to hit the bottom of the drum and listen how different it sounds on different parts of your homemade musical instruments.

You could always make your drums more fancy too. Put beads on yard and tie it around your own drum. It’s such an easy craft. You could even use acrylic paints to paint the side of your drum too.

Our Experience With These Drums Kids Can Make

I remember hours, days, spent as a kid and teenager at a local non-profit artsy place called Mars Hill. It was there that I first started playing the guitar, they let me make a mess as I created some of my first mixed media sculptures, had fun making the sounds of rain in a drum circle, learned how to spray-paint (my re-made furniture is thankful), and participated in poetry contests. It was free and it was fun! I learned to appreciate and look for the unusual and different in the world around me.

And I love that my kids can experience this as well. My son was beating his drums and dancing around. And then I turned on some of his favorite songs and let him beat his drums alongside the music.

Make Coffee Can Drums

Make Coffee Can Drums

Make drums kids can play with using coffee cans, balloons, and tape. This diy drum set is so easy to make and budget-friendly. Kids of all ages will have a blast!


  • Coffee Cans
  • Balloons
  • Packing Tape


  • Scissors


  1. Cut the nozzle off the balloons.
  2. Stretch them around the can.
  3. Cut the top layer for a fun effect before putting it on.
  4. Tape them in place, and your kids are ready to make music!

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How did your drums turn out?

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