The Complete Guide to Celebrating National Puppy Day on March 23

Let’s celebrate one of the most adorable holidays ever! National Puppy Day is celebrated on March 23, 2023, and we have so many fun ideas to celebrate it with kids of all ages!

National Puppy Day is the perfect day to celebrate the most trusting and happy animals on Earth, and that’s why we compiled a couple of fun ideas to make it the funnest holiday ever.

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Let’s celebrate National Puppy Day!

National Puppy Day 2023

Woof woof! Every year we celebrate Puppy Day! This year, National Puppy Day is on March 23, 2023. National Puppy Day is a time to bring awareness to the number of dogs that need to be rescued and simply celebrate their joyful existence.

And, in order to make this year’s holiday the best Puppy Day ever, we have oh so many good ideas for celebrating humankind’s best friend’s special day.

We have also included a free National Puppy Day printout to add to the fun which has fun facts about puppies as well as a commemorative coloring page. You can download the printable pdf file below.

National Puppy Day Activities for Kids

  • Let’s start the celebration by learning how to make our own puppy drawing
  • Throw a National Puppy Day party with your friends who have fur babies
  • Have fun coloring our adorable puppy coloring pages.
  • If your family is ready for the committment, consider adopting your own fur baby too!
  • These easy puppy coloring pages are perfect for toddlers and kindergarteners.
  • Set up a mini photoshoot of your puppy, you can print the photos and give them to your friends and family too!
  • We also have a coloring page set with fun dog facts
  • Donate money, food, or toys to your local shelter, or volunteer for a day
  • Download and print these Paw Patrol coloring pages for more coloring fun
  • Teach your puppy new tricks
  • These corgi dog coloring pages are the cutest ever.
  • Give your puppy a new toy and their favorite snack to make them feel appreciated
  • Learn how to draw a dog with this easy dog drawing tutorial!
  • Try this Zentangle dog coloring page to relax after a long day

National Puppy Day Videos


National Puppy Day Coloring Pages Screenshot
How many of these puppy facts did you already know?

Our first coloring page includes some exciting puppy facts that are so much fun to learn. Grab your favorite crayons and color them as you learn about puppies!

National Puppy Day Coloring Pages Screenshot 2
Happy National Puppy Day!

Our second coloring page features a cute spotted puppy playing with his favorite ball! This coloring page is perfect for younger kids who prefer simple drawings, but older kids can enjoy coloring it too.

Download & Print pdf File Here

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Happy National Puppy Day!

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