Get ready for a mouthwatering celebration! National Taco Day falls on October 4, 2024, and we have so many delicious recipes and activities that kids of all ages will be able to enjoy. National Taco Day is the perfect time of the year to try new tasty taco recipes, plan a taco party, and learn some fun facts about tacos!

National Taco Day Coloring Pages
Let’s celebrate National Taco Day!

National Taco Day 2024

If it’s not about food, I don’t wanna taco-bout it! {giggles} Every year we celebrate National Taco Day! This year Taco Day is on October 4, 2024. And in order to make this year’s holiday the best (and tastiest) Taco Day ever, we have oh so many good ideas for celebration. Click the button to download and print our national taco day printables now:

But that isn’t all. We have also included a free Taco Day printout to add to the fun, which includes some fun facts about tacos and a coloring page. Continue scrolling to find the printable pdf file below.

1.Printable National Taco Day Fun Facts Sheet

Our National Taco Day printout includes:

National Taco Day Coloring Pages Screenshot
Let’s learn a little bit about tacos!

Our first national taco day fact page includes a couple of fun facts about tacos – how many did you already know? Our fun facts about tacos sheet can be colored too, so go grab your crayons and coloring pencils!

2. Printable National Taco Day Coloring Page

National Taco Day Coloring Pages Screenshot
Happy National Taco Day!

Our second national taco day coloring page includes two festive tacos filled with lettuce, tomato, guacamole… and possibly chicken! They look almost as tasty as real tacos. This coloring page is perfect for younger kids who just want a coloring page to color and older kids who need to practice their reading skills.

Download & Print National Taco Day pdf File Here

National Taco Day History

We can’t know for sure when this delicious meal originated, but we know for a fact that tacos have been around for a long time – it is believed Hernan Cortez ate a meal prepared with tortillas in the 1520s! Tacos have become so popular that they are eaten everywhere around the world now, since Mexican cuisine is known for being one of the tastiest across the world. And that’s why Taco Day was created! Even if you celebrate Taco Tuesday every week, National Taco Day is a special day that needs its own celebration.

Our suggestion to make this the best National Taco Day ever? Get together with friends and family, and try some of these delicious taco recipes!

National Taco Day Food

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Happy National Taco Day!

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