We have emoji coloring pages! Celebrate emojis! Did you know that there is a World Emoji Day? It’s a real holiday! This year we are celebrating World Emoji Day on July 17, 2024, and we have so many fun ideas to celebrate this day! These emoji coloring pages are a great way for kids of all ages to celebrate emojis this year. Download and print our emoji coloring pages for at home or in the classroom!

World Emoji Day Coloring Page on wood background with pencil, crayons with other accessories like eraser- kids activities blog
Let’s celebrate World Emoji Day!

Printable World Emoji Day 2024 Coloring Pages

World Emoji Day is the perfect time of the year to stop and celebrate these colorful icons, with some fun activities that we are sharing with you, like cute emoji coloring pages, emoji cookies, and more! Click the button to download and print our emoji coloring pages now:

Every year since 2014 we celebrate World Emoji Day!  This year World Emoji Day is on July 17, 2024. In order to make this year’s holiday the best Emoji Day ever, we have oh so many good ideas for celebration. We have also included a free World Emoji Day printout to add to the fun. You can download the printable pdf file below. Grab your yellow crayons!

1. Emoji Fun Facts Coloring Page

World Emoji Day Coloring Page 1 printed pdf black and white coloring sheet with pictures and facts about emojis- kids activities blog
Free World Emoji Day facts!

Our first emoji coloring page includes some fun and exciting Emoji fun facts that you probably didn’t know about. Share these facts with your friends and color them together!

2. Cute and Fun Emoji Coloring Page

World Emoji Day Coloring Page 2 printed pdf black and white coloring sheet with "world emoji day" confetti and emojis- kids activities blog
Happy World Emoji Day!

Our second emoji coloring page includes some of the kids’ favorite emoji along with some festive confetti, stars, and the words “World Emoji Day” to remember the celebration! Use paint, crayons, coloring pencils, markers, or whatever you prefer to color it.

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Download And Print Your World Emoji Coloring Pages PDF Here

This coloring page is sized for standard letter printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.


Printable World Emoji Day Fun Facts Sheet

This World Emoji Day pdf includes:

  • One Emoji Fun Fact Coloring Sheet
  • One Emoji Coloring Sheet

Both coloring pages will let you join the emoji celebration! How fun!

World Emoji Day History

July 17th is the day chosen to celebrate the Internet’s most famous icons! Before the emoji existed, we had emoticons and we used them as a way to express our emotions throughout text, just like we do today with emojis.

Emoji is a Japanese expression that means “picture word” and was created by Shigetaka Kurita back in the 90s, and ever since they’ve evolved into what we know today.

In fact, the first iPhone by Apple in 2007 had an emoji keyboard embedded into the phone specifically dedicated to the Japanese market, but once the U.S. users found it, it became a big part of our culture.

Isn’t that something cool?

World Emoji Day Activities for Kids

  • Host a “dress as an emoji” party where everyone wears emoji-themed clothing!
  • Pick one of these smiling face kids activities (or more) and have a fun emoji day.
  • Eat emoji-themed food, like emoji cake pops, a pizza with pepperoni heart eyes, or poop emoji ice cream!
  • Make some smiley face cookies as well – but make them look like your favorite emoji.
  • Did you know you can create your own smiley face candy?
  • Draw your favorite emoji with paint.
  • Speak just in emoji with your friends.
  • Color these cute emoji coloring pages with your bff.
  • Watch the Emoji Movie with your family.
  • Sing the #WorldEmojiDay Anthem!
  • Make some emoji printable flashcards and play memory games.
  • Decorate your homework with this Crayola marker emoji set.

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Happy World Emoji Day! What is your favorite emoji on our emoji coloring pages?

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