Goodbye everyone, see you later! Did you see what we did there? {giggles}. Opposite Day is a goofy holiday celebrated on January 25, 2024, and just like the name implies, it’s a day where kids of all ages can do everything the opposite way!

opposite day
Let’s (not) celebrate Opposite Day!

When’s Opposite Day?

Opposite Day is the perfect opportunity to try new and crazy things that we normally wouldn’t do, like walking backward, saying Hello instead of Goodbye, eating soup with a fork, and even pranking some friends too. It makes sense it’s one of the kids’ favorite holidays ever.

Opposite Day may not be as popular as other quirky holidays like April Fool’s Day, but it’s just as much fun! Every year we celebrate Opposite Day! 

What Day is Opposite Day?

This year, Opposite Day is on January 25, 2024. Want to make this day the funniest? We have so many ideas for you to try out today!

But that’s not all. We have also included a free Opposite Day printout to add to the fun. Click the green button to download and print the Opposite Day pdf:

Opposite Day History

For many years, Opposite Day was a humorous and informal concept rather than an officially recognized holiday associated with children’s games and activities where participants speak and act oppositely to their intentions.

Opposite Day celebration has traditionally been on January 25. There is a little controversy that January 7 could also be Opposite Day. No one knows for sure when Opposite Day started being celebrated every January 25, but legend has it it might have started back in 1928 when President Calvin Coolidge stated, “I do not choose to run” about the upcoming election. The public thought he might mean the opposite!

The ambiguity around the date of Opposite Day fits well with the playful and contradictory nature of the concept itself! Oh, and if you REALLY like Opposite Day, there are some who celebrate it monthly on the 25th!

Opposite Day Activities For Kids

Opposite Day is the perfect time to let kids be creative, whether at home or in a classroom, we are sure there are many things that can be done. Here are our favorite ideas to celebrate Opposite Day with kids of all ages:

  • Have dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner
  • Wear your clothes inside out or even backwards
  • Wear your shoes on the opposite feet – just for a picture or a couple of minutes
  • Wear your favorite pajamas during the day, and regular (but comfy) clothes to bed
  • Try this frozen cereal prank that will put a smile on your kids’ face
  • Talk in opposite words (say “yes” for “no”, “good” for “bad”, etc.)
  • Walk backwards – but be careful with the walls and other people!
  • Eat dessert first (yummy)
  • Become a jokester and prank a friend with one of these April Fools day pranks.
  • If you are left-handed, use your right-hand to do things, and use your left hand if you’re right-handed.
  • Write your name backwards.
  • Read a book starting from the last page to the front.
  • Say the alphabet… from Z to A!
  • Let your kids read YOU a bedtime story.
  • Watch the Opposite Day movie together. It is a fun comedy full of mischief from the point of view of the kids.

Printable: National Opposite Day Fun Facts Sheet

This printout Opposite Day pdf includes the following:

  • one coloring page with fun Opposite Day facts
  • an Opposite Day card to print and color to give to friends

Free Opposite Day Printable

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Happy Opposite Day! Hmmm…what is the opposite of Opposite Day?

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