6 Two-Ingredient Ways to Fancy Your Cup of Coffee

Having a cup of  coffee every morning is a cherished ritual.  It is something that gets my (often very early) day started right.  I adore the single serve coffee machines because I can make what I am going to drink freshly…and an extra cup a little later if needed.

1 cup of coffee plus 2 ingredients

I work from home and end up doing the majority of my coffee drinking at home.  I love experimenting with my morning coffee to fancy it up!

And it costs a fraction of what I would spend in a coffee shop.

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I usually set my Keurig on the largest cup setting which makes about 1 1/4 cup of coffee.

That is the basis for the combinations below, but be sure to have some fun changing up the ingredients and amounts to customize your perfect cup.

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Add This to Your Morning Coffee

Easy Coffee Mocha Coffee

This is one that we do all the time when it is cold.  For some reason when there is snow on the ground, this is exactly what feels comfy!

2 Ingredients:  Hot Chocolate mix + Cinnamon Stick

If your hot chocolate comes in single serve packs, use 1/2.  Generally a hot chocolate packet contains about 2 Tablespoons of mix so if you have one that comes in a larger container, then use 1 Tablespoon.  Add the dry mix directly to the coffee and stir with a cinnamon stick.

Spicy Cinnamon Surprise Coffee

We have made spiced cider for years with this surprise ingredient, but it works great for a coffee treat too!

2 Ingredients:  Red Hots + Cream

Red Hots are one of my favorite candies and they melt quickly in a hot drink.  I like about 15 in my coffee which sweetens it quite a bit.  Add the Red Hots first and wait to melt until adding about a tablespoon of cream.

Coconut Cream Dream Coffee

This is one of my absolute favorites.  And if you haven’t found Coconut Cream yet, you can thank me later!

2 Ingredients:  Coconut Cream + Vanilla Extract

Coconut Cream is a canned, sweet coconut that is the perfect consistency to add to coffee (or other drinks) because it is a good replacement for traditional cream.  I use about a Tablespoon and then add a dash of vanilla extract and stir.

Maple Hug Coffee

This is like the ultimate comfort cup.  Seriously, quite like a morning hug!

2 Ingredients:  Maple Syrup + Almond Milk

I am a maple syrup snob.  I think it came about from growing up in Michigan where we tapped the trees on our acreage and made our own syrup at home.  You want a good maple syrup for this (of course, you just need a good maple syrup!) because the flavor really comes through the coffee.  I add about 1 Tablespoon of maple syrup and a Tablespoon of Almond Milk.  Any other milk or cream would work as well.

Caramel Coffee

I love caramel!  I have heard rumors that you can drop a caramel into your coffee for the same effect, but haven’t tested that yet.

2 Ingredients:  Caramel Syrup + Soymilk

I use the caramel syrup that you would put over ice cream – similar to chocolate syrup that you can also buy.  Add 1 1/2-2 Tablespoons of caramel syrup and a 1/4th cup of heated soymilk.  If you substitute another milk that isn’t as sweet, you may want to add a bit of sugar.

Mexican Coffee

I haven’t confirmed that they actually drink this in Mexico, but it is a common flavor around my Texas home.  It is a simple, but yummy combination.

2 Ingredients:  Cinnamon Stick + Brown Sugar

Add the cinnamon stick to really hot coffee and let it sit for a few minutes.  Then add 1 1/2 Tablespoons of brown sugar.

The Third Ingredient for Super Special Coffee

Feel free to add some whipped cream on top of any of these!  My kids don’t think coffee comes any other way.

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What do you add to your morning coffee?



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