Kids can easily compose their thoughts with fill in the blank writing prompts.  Today we have a free printable  that will help with just that.  Kids Activities Blog hopes that this  Thank You Note  helps your child learn to express their gratitude to others for gifts they have received.

Fill in the Blank Thank you Note {Free Printable}

Fill in the Blank  

Birthdays and holidays bring many gifts for kids.   I think that it’s so important to teach our children how to show their gratitude for getting these gifts.   Even though Bear {4.5 years} isn’t quite able to write out his own, he is able to sign his name.   Usually I have him narrate what he wants the card to say.   Sometimes it’s on track with the “thank you” topic, sometimes it’s not.

That’s what makes these fill-in-the-blank thank you cards so helpful.   I can read the prompts and he fills in the blanks (I write it, of course).   But for older children, you can give them these to do on their own, which makes the gesture even better!

Free Printable  

All of these cards are 4×6 inches and will print out on photo paper that is that size.   Or you can print them on cardstock, whatever you choose to do.

  • Download the Polka Dot Fill-in-the-Blank card here
  • Download the  Cupcake Fill-in-the-Blank card here
  • Download the  Stripe Fill-in-the-Blank card here
  • Download the Car Fill-in-the-Blank card here
  • Download the  Star Fill-in-the-Blank card here

Thank You Note

  • For younger children, let them draw a picture, even if it’s just scribbles to send to the person who made the day special for them.
  • Take pictures of the child opening the gift.   You can then use photo editing softward to add a little thank you message to the gift-giver.   The photo can be either printed and mailed or sent via email to them.
  • Older children could write an acrostic  poem where each letter of the word starts the sentence.   They could create their poem based on the words “thank you”, the name of the gift, or the name of the gift-giver.

No matter how it’s done, thank you letters not only teach children how to show gratitude, they boost the happiness of the person who recieves it  by making them feel appreciated.

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Fill in the blank thank you notes make it so easy for kids to express their thankfulness.  We hope this free printable will be helpful for your child.  For more awesome kids activities, check out these great ideas:

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  1. This is so great! It is so important for the little ones to learn how to show gratitude. Thanks for sharing it at the Less Laundry, More Linking party.

  2. Thank you – we might try them out soon as certain someone’s birthday party is coming up : Thanks for sharing with Afterschool!