Celebrate Cousins Day with these free cousins day printables! Cousins are almost like siblings, which means they deserve their own holiday! This year we are celebrating National Cousins Day on July 24, 2024, with these fun ideas that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. Simply download and print our Cousins Day worksheets to not only make a homemade Cousins Day card, but learn facts about cousins!

National Cousins Day Coloring Pages printed pdf black and white Cousins day card on decorated wood background with crayons, pencil, and eraser- kids activities blog
Let’s celebrate National Cousins Day!

National Cousins Day 2024

National Cousins Day is the best way to show your cousins how much you care about them and spend a special day together, having fun with some of the activities we are sharing with you, like: building a fort, taking a trip together, having a sleepover, etc. Click the button to download and print our National Cousins Day printables now:

National Cousins Day comes around every year to celebrate this special family bond. Every year we celebrate National Cousins Day!  This year National Cousins Day is on July 24, 2024. If you are looking for special activities to do with your cousins and make the most out of this holiday, keep reading!

Printable National Cousins Day Card & Fun Fact Sheets

We have also included a free National Cousins Day printout to add to the fun. Keep scrolling to find the link to the pdf file. P.S. It includes some fun facts!

1. National Cousins Day Fun Facts Printable Sheet

National Cousins Day Coloring Pages
Fun facts about Cousins Day coloring page!

Our first Cousins Day coloring page includes fun facts about National Cousins Day and represents the special bond between cousins. Did you know sometimes your cousin can be just as close to you as your brother or sister?

2. National Cousins Day Printable Coloring Sheet And Homemade Card

National Cousins Day Coloring Pages Screenshot 2
Happy Cousins Day card!

Our second Cousins Day coloring page is actually a card to give to your cousins. Write a nice message for them and then decorate it with your favorite colors!

Download & Print Your National Cousins Day pdf File Here

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National Cousins Day History

The origin of Cousins Day is unknown and we don’t know who created it either, but one thing is certain: those fun times when the family got reunited and you got to spend hours playing with your cousins were the best. So it makes complete sense there is an entire day dedicated to recognizing the first friendships that last a lifetime. Cousins are awesome!

National Cousins Day was created to celebrate these lifelong friends that are also family members. Whether they are first cousins or second cousins, July 24 is the best day to cherish nice memories and create new ones.

National Cousins Day Activities for Kids

  • Get together with your cousins and reminisce over the best times
  • Build a kids indoor fort and share stories
  • Post photos on social media using #NationalCousinsDay
  • Watch the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (with Will Smith), the ultimate show about cousins
  • Go backyard camping and play some outdoor games
  • Enjoy an afternoon coloring free printable coloring pages of their favorite characters
  • Go outside and have fun creating art with exploding paint bombs
  • Throw a party just for cousins (and maybe some aunts and uncles)
  • Get these camping bunk beds, hold a sleepoverwatch your favorite old movies
  • Spend an entire day playing outdoor games together
  • Pick and make one of these awesome 5 minute crafts and give them to each other
  • Get your favorite pictures together and recreate them today

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Happy National Cousins Day! What is something you love about your cousins?

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