Waffle lovers, prepare to celebrate National Waffle Day on August 24, 2024, with these fun (and delicious) ideas that kids of all ages can enjoy. National Waffle Day is the best time of the year to try different waffle recipes and eat some waffles with your closest friends and family. We are sure you’ll have the best National Waffle Day celebration!

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Let’s celebrate National Waffle Day!

National Waffle Day 2024

Every year we celebrate National Waffle Day!  This year National Waffle Day is on August 24, 2024.  In order to make this year’s holiday the best Waffle Day ever, we have oh so many good ideas for celebration.

We have also included a free National Waffle Day printout to add to the fun. You can download the printable pdf file below – don’t forget to grab your crayons too.

National Waffle Day History

It’s a fact that we all love waffles, no matter how old or young we are – waffles are amazing and deserve their own day!

Today, we are celebrating that back in 1869, Cornelius Swarthout patented the waffle iron. Waffles had existed for long before then and he wasn’t the first person to create a waffle machine, but his patent made waffles more accessible – and aren’t we glad for that?

This day should not be confused with Waffle Day, which is actually on March 25th. Waffle Day also celebrates waffles (duh!), but this celebration started in Sweden and it’s called Våffeldagen, and is mostly celebrated in other Scandinavian and European countries.

To be honest, we prefer celebrating both holidays – it means more waffles for us!

National Waffle Day Food

Printable National Waffle Day Fun Facts Sheet

Download and print our National Waffle Day printable, which includes:

National Waffle Day
Let’s learn some fun facts about National Waffle Day!

Our first waffle coloring pages include some fun facts about National Waffle Day and waffles in general. Did you know Nike’s were inspired by waffles?! Share your knowledge with your friends by printing more sets of this pdf!

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Happy National Waffle Day!

Our second waffle coloring page includes two happy waffles celebrating National Waffle Day. Color the printable page with your favorite colors, and draw some yummy toppings too!

Download & Print National Waffle Day PDF Files Here

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Happy National Waffle Day Day!

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