Words that start with the letter I

We are intent on helping you teach your child words starting with the letter I! Education can be so exciting! 

Incomplete would be a list of words that start with the letter I without real world connections. 

Words that start with the letter I like iguana


Ingenuity, which is to be very clever.

  • Of the Beaudelairs, Violet is by far the one with the most ingenuity

Improve, or make better.

  • Remy was able to improve on existing recipes for Linguine. 

Insight, a trait that is best described as understanding of a situation. 

  • When Moana is struggling with who she is, it is her grandmother that provides insight.

 It is important that we include values that will help our children be well rounded as they in our journey to learn the letters of the alphabet. 


As you already know, I is for Iguana.

Why stop there, though? Next up in words starting with the letter I, we have the world’s coolest swimming iguana! 

  1. Ibex

    • A few hundred years ago, Europeans thought the ibex had magical powers. It does look a little like a unicorn with its long curving horns, but this animal is no myth. Ibex live in southern Europe and northern Africa. These magnificent animals look a bit like deer, but they’re actually a type of mountain goat. They live in mountain areas and come down in the evening to feed in forests and woodlands. A baby ibex is called a kid! Ibex hooves have sharp edges and concave undersides that act like suction cups to help them grip the sides of steep, rocky cliffs.
  2. Marine Iguana 

    •  They look fierce, but are actually gentle herbivores, surviving exclusively on underwater algae and seaweed. Their short, blunt snouts and small, razor-sharp teeth help them scrape the algae off rocks, and their laterally flattened tails let them move crocodile-like through the water. When they come out of the water, they “sneeze” to get rid of the salt from being in the ocean and grazing underneath its waves. Marine iguanas are naive only to the Galapagos Islands and are the only marine lizard species in the world.
  3. Indian Elephant

    • Indian elephants are smaller in comparison to the African elephants. These elephant species have smaller ears and broader skulls than their cousins. Usually found in thick forests and moist deciduous lush green and semi-green forests, these friendly giants are often kept by locals. Indian elephants supplement their diet with roots, tree-tops, shoots, fresh foliage, twigs, white thorn, leaves of acacia species; fruits including tamarind, date palm, kumbhi, and wood apple.
  4. Scarlet Ibis

    • These birds are scarlet except for their black wing tips. The bill is long, thin and curved downward and the neck is long and slender. Their legs are long with partially webbed feet. The juveniles are a dull, grayish brown. As with flamingos, the brilliant red color of the scarlet ibis comes from carotene found in the crustaceans on which it feeds. The scarlet ibis is a gregarious bird, living, traveling, and breeding in flocks. In flight, ibises form diagonal lines or V-formations. This formation decreases wind resistance for trailing birds. When the leader of the pack tires, it falls to the back of the formation and another ibis takes its place at the front.
  5. Indri 

    • Found only in the Eastern parts of Madagascar, is the indri! Indri has round ears and yellow eyes that are facing forward. Their fingers are very dexterous, which is important for the fast movement through dense vegetation. Unlike other lemurs, indri has a very short tail with less than 2 inches in length. Color of the indri’s coat matches with the environment and serves as a camouflage against predators. Indri can be completely brown or black, or covered with white and red patches.

The world is a wonderfully fascinating place. Incredible, impeccable, interesting– Animals that start with the letter I are just one small part of our adventure.



Next, in our words starting with the letter I, we get to find out about some incredibly interesting places. 

  1. Istanbul, Turkey

    • Istanbul is the only city in the world which is both in Europe and Asia geographically. This bustling city was the capital city of three major Empires: Eastern Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, and Ottoman Empire during their rule. During the Middle Ages in the Ottoman Empire, Istanbul had over 1.400 public toilets in the city meanwhile there weren’t any even at the palaces in France and other European cities. Built in 1875, Istanbul has the third oldest subway in the world after London and New York. 
  2. Italy

    • Located in Europe and famous for being shaped like a boot, Italy is officially known as the Italian Republic. Italy was the birthplace of the Renaissance, which was a period of great cultural achievements in poetry, painting and architecture. Famous artists such as Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello, and Leonardo Da Vinci were part of the Renaissance. Buildings such as the Colosseum, Pantheon and the Leaning Tower of Pisa are examples of how taly has played a large role in the history of architecture. Due to the conflict between the Eurasian and the African tectonic plates, Italy has many earthquakes and volcanoes. The volcanoes Etna and Vesuvius are a constant danger to humans due to their closeness to big cities.
  3. Ivory Coast

    • The Ivory Coast, in West Africa, is known for its chocolate. The country produces more cocoa than any other place in the world. In addition to chocolate, the Ivory Coast produces bananas, pineapples, fish, coffee, lumber, cotton, palm oil and petroleum. The trade in ivory which gave the country its name is now illegal. Once a French colony, it gained its independence in 1960.


Try though I might, it was too hard for me to resist using Ice Cream for my food word that starts with the letter I. It was too sweet a temptation!

I is for Ice Cream!

  • Did you know Ice Cream has been around since around 2600 BC in China? It was invented when a milk and rice mixture was frozen by packing it into snow. 
  • The King of England, Charles I, is supposed to have given incentive to his chef with £500 a year to keep his ice-cream recipe a secret from the rest of England.
  • The explorer, Marco Polo, is believed to have seen ice creams being made during his trip to China and introduced them to Italy.
  • Ice Cream sundaes were invented in the American town of Evanston, ILLINOIS during the late 19th century. 

I hope we have sparked your interest in words that start with the letter I! Feel free to drop more examples in the comments, below!

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