Rainbow CupcakeThese rainbow cupcakes are a huge hit with preschoolers and kids of all ages!   They look fancy, but are super easy to re-create.   Try it yourself with these easy steps: … What you’ll need:
  • Gel Food Dye
  • Toothpick
  • Decorating Icing Bag (or a freezer ziplock baggie)
  • Wilton Tip adapter (optional)IMG_2199
If you are going to use a tip adapter, put that into the icing bag first.   Make sure it is lodged securely into the bag.   Then pick out your colors and make several lines of food coloring inside your bag.   I use a toothpick and try to be careful to not let the sides of the bag touch each other so the colors will be more clearly defined.   Next you fill your bag with icing, cut the end or tip off your icing bag and squeeze away!   I do not use a tip with this as I like the big puffy look.   In a pinch you can use a freezer ziplock baggie – freezer as it is more durable – and skip the tip by just cutting a corner off, but the tip adapter makes a really even circle.   I prefer it.   Swirl the icing over your cupcake and viola, you have a rainbow cupcake sure to please any preschool playdate or birthday party!

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  1. If you line cupcakes up, circling round on a covered board,
    you can create a ˜caterpillar ™ effect for a child's birthday party.
    When you’re making use of your own teacups and saucers, be certain to set each cup next to a saucer that doesn’t complement it at all, and bring
    paper plates that are even more inadequate to each
    table setting. Even though the flavors of the first cupcake frostings were
    limited to chocolate and vanilla, these treats continued to become baked favorites.