These printable ice cream coloring pages will bring some fun on a hot summer day!

We recommend printing these out and serving some real ice cream on the side.

🙂 Ice cream can make any day better.

Ice Cream Coloring Pages Free Printable

Ice Cream Coloring Pages

I love ice cream. My favorites are cookie and raspberry with chocolate. I’d probably color these with dark pink and light brown, with a few dark brown chocolate chips. See what fun combinations you and your kids can imagine!

The Ice Cream Coloring Pages Printable Pack Includes:

  • 1 page with two regular ice creams.
  • 1 page with one ice cream with a cherry on top.
  • 1 page with a gigantic ice cream tower.
  • 1 page with a bowl of ice cream.
  • 1 page with 2 delicious looking popsicles.

Other Coloring Pages of Ice Cream

Can’t get enough of ice cream coloring? We’ve got more ice cream coloring pages! Also check these ice cream file folder games for some early learning fun!

Activities with Ice

As temperatures outside are really high you will need something else to keep cool. I love the idea of  painting with ice  – it’s creative and will keep the young ones cool. And with all the hype about Frozen be sure to check the ice castles fun.

Ice Cream Coloring Pages



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