Waffle Ice Cream Surprise!



We all love ice cream! Especially this waffle ice cream surprise.

I think ice cream may just be the universal dessert of  kids and adults alike. Now-a-days we are mixing everything we can into our favorite flavors. From Oreo cookies to peanut butter cups, there’s always a way to improve our favorite dessert. One of my favorites is this Waffle Ice Cream Surprise!

Waffle ice cream1

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Waffle Ice Cream Surprise!

It’s really simple to make this delicious dessert. The hardest decision is what to put inside.

You need:

    • 2 Belgian waffles
    • Favorite ice cream flavors (vanilla and chocolate)
    • Favorite toppings (strawberries and dark chocolate chips)



Here’s how you make it:

There are so many options for this treat…

Add blueberries, skittles, or anything you can think of. And if you have trouble eating it, simple take off the top waffle and it solo!

You can also enjoy a waffle cone with this dessert. You can find waffle cones in almost every grocery store and every ice cream shop. It’s also fun to make waffle ice cream cones — you can use sprinkles, icing and other toppings to decorate your cone.  The choices are unlimited — the most important thing is to have fun with your ice scream!


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