Words That Start With the Letter D

Understanding of the letter D can be aided by helping your children find relatable words that start with the letter D.

Words that start with the letter d like dog

Learning letters should be fun and interesting in order to be effective. That means taking every opportunity that presents itself to make the letter D something your child can recognize in their daily life. 

D is for…

Daring, which is showing bravery and willingness to face any adventure.

  • Moana shows that she is daring when she leaves her island and her family to do what she knows was right. 

Diverse, which means including a variety of differences.

  • The world of Zootopia is so diverse with many different animals living together.

Dependable, which is the same as trustworthy and reliable. 

For more words that start with the letter D, I found a list that can guide you to fun and important values. Every child has the change to resonate with a different word that starts with the letter D. It is important to find the words that best address your child’s development. 

Animals that start with D:

For many, a lesson on words that start with the letter D would include the basics: dog, duck, deer, dolphin.

In the spirit of being daring and diverse in our deliberation, I scoured the globe.

My kids love to learn all of the interesting animal facts that they can get their hands on. The weirder, the better! They made the most priceless faces when I told them about a pink dolphin that lives in the Amazon River!

  1. Desert Tortoise

    • Hailing from the driest parts of the United States and Mexico, this burrowing reptile spends up to 95% of its 80-year lifespan under-ground! Desert Tortoises have figured out a way to dig grooves in the sand that help them collect the rare rains. Because rain is so uncommon, they have the ability to go up to a year between drinks of water! This hardy herbivore has two types of hibernation to conserve energy during the extreme heat of the summer (estivation) and then again during the winter (brumation) when food is scarce.
  2. Dingo

    • One of Australia’s most dominant predators, the Dingo lives in packs quite similar to wolves! They are now wild, but fossil records indicate that they were brought from Asia around 3,500 years ago as pets. Although they still look like dogs we are used to seeing as pets, their personality is much closer to that of a coyote.
  3. Mandarin Duck

    • A distinctive water bird from China and Japan. It eats plants, seeds, small fish, insects, and even snails! This is one of the most beautiful kinds of duck. Because of this, it has been released into many urban parks throughout the UK. One of these lucky ducks calls Central Park, in New York City, home. 
  4. Fallow Deer

    • Dazzling us with their beautiful spots is the Fallow Deer! Though they are native to Europe, they are now found all over the world. Males are called bucks and females are called does. They travel in herds to keep one another safe. Bucks grow antlers to fight for the attention of does, during the fall.
  5. Amazon Pink Dolphin

    • This small species of toothed whale looks like a creature from a story book. Though they start off gray as babies, adults turn more and more pink throughout their lives. Due to the diversity of their habitat, this species of dolphin’s diet includes over 50 species of fish. That even includes piranhas! Unlike most dolphins, their pods are very small and male Amazon Pink Dolphins are larger than females and have often been spotted trying to woo females with gifts. They are able to navigate the murky river waters through use of echolocation which means that they make small sounds which then bounce off of their surroundings and help them to form a picture of what is around. 

The world is a wonderfully fascinating place. Delightful, dazzling, diverse – Animals that start with D are just one small part of our adventure.

Check out these awesome coloring sheets for each animal!

Places starting with D:

Our journey around the planet brings us to some fascinating places that start with D.

Being from Dallas, it was easy to come up with a city that starts with the letter D. For the others, I sought out some history facts that would make everything a little more exciting. 

  1. Dallas, Tx 

    • The 9th largest city in the US, Dallas is successful despite being the largest city in the US without any direct links to the sea. It is home to several world-renowned museums and concert halls. The famous Cowboys Stadium is so large that the entire Statue of Liberty could fit inside.
  2. Damascus, Syria

    • The capital and largest city in the country of Syria was first settled around 7,000 BC, making it one of the oldest continually-inhabited cities in the world. In Damascus, a special kind of metal-working was invented! Different types of steel are forged together and hammered flat. The flattened metal is then folded several times and flattened again. The process is repeated until it is hundreds of layers deep. This not only makes a beautiful pattern but also makes the metal flexible while keeping a sharp edge which is great for making weapons like swords.
  3. Denmark

    • First unified in the 8th Century, Denmark is a Nordic country which means it is in Northwestern Europe. People from Denmark are called Danes.In medieval history, this Scandanavian country was one of many known for being the homeland of vikings. Denmark has over 1,400 islands. Denmark is very far from the equator which means that summer days are extra long and winter days are really short.

Food that starts with D:


A somewhat sweet herb with notes of lemon, dill is used across the world. Of all of the food related words that start with the letter D, I could not think of any better than this lovely little plant.

Different parts of the world use dill in diverse and distinguished ways. Some use the leaves of the plant (either fresh or dried) while others use the seeds! It is used on potatoes, fish, curry, soups, and more! Dill pairs well with many other flavors including lemon, garlic, basil, parsley, paprika, horseradish, and mustard. 

It is fairly easy to grow your own dill. With that, it is a lot of fun to make your own pickles! You can change the amount of dill in the pickle recipe to make it special for your family’s tastes. 

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