Let’s have some fun today with F words!  Words that start with the letter F are fantastic and free. We have a list of F letter words, animals that start with F, F coloring pages, places that start with the letter F and letter F foods. These F words for kids are perfect for use at home or in the classroom as part of alphabet learning.

Words that start with the letter F like Fox
What are words that start with F? Fox!

F Words For Kids

If you are looking for words beginning with F for Kindergarten or Preschool, you have come to the right place! Letter of the Day activities and alphabet letter lesson plans have never been easier or more fun.

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  • F is for Fair, which means without favoritism or bias.
  • F is for Faithful, meaning you are loyal or that you are very reliable.
  • F is for Fantastic, means fanciful in appearance or design.

There are unlimited ways to spark more ideas for educational opportunities for the letter F. If you are looking for value words that start with F, check out this list from Personal DevelopFit.

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Animals that Start with the Letter F- Fox- Kids activities blog -  a red fox
Fox starts with F!



Fennec foxes are very small light tan and cream-colored foxes that live in sandy deserts. They are the tiniest kind of fox in the world and weigh only 2 to 3 pounds, but their ears can be as big as 6 inches long! Yes, fennec foxes do have great hearing and can even hear prey underground. But those giant ears also give off body heat so they don’t get too hot. Despite their size, they have been known to jump in the air 2 feet! These foxes dwell in small groups of up to ten individuals. The little, cream-colored foxes sleep underground in dens during the day so they don’t have to be in the hot sun.

You can read more about the F animal, Fennec Fox on National Zoo


Flamingoes eat algae and tiny shellfish that are rich in carotenoids, which is why these birds are pink or orange. Flamingos have a funny way of eating. They place their bills upside down in the water and suck water into their mouths. Then, they pump the water out the sides of their mouths. Tiny plants and animals remain to make a tasty meal. You often see them standing on one foot to save energy! In the wild flamingos live 20 – 30 years but sometimes live over 50 years in captivity. Flamingos are social birds, they live in colonies of sometimes thousands. This helps in avoiding predators, maximizing food intake, and is better for nesting.  They make little mud towers for their nests.

You can read more about the F animal, Flamingo Fox on Britannica


These frogs are considered one of Earth’s most toxic, or poisonous, species. With a range of bright colors—yellows, oranges, reds, greens, blues—poison dart frogs aren’t just big show-offs either. Those colorful designs tell potential predators, “I’m toxic. Don’t eat me.” Most frog species are nocturnal, but poison frogs are active during the day, when their jewel-colored bodies can best be seen and avoided. A group of poison frogs is called an “army.” Poison Dart Frogs often carry their tadpoles on their back – click to check out the video!

You can read more about the F animal, Poison Dart Frog on National Geographic


A flat fish that lives on the ocean floor. Usually brown colored with various red, orange, green and blue markings on the body are these odd looking fish. They can change the color of the body to blend with the colors of the environment in 2 – 8 seconds. Flounder has bulging eyes on two short stalks that are located on one side of the head. This happens as the flounder grows into adulthood. It is a nocturnal carnivore that ambushes smaller prey.

You can read more about the F animal, Flounder on Animals


Across the world, you will see flying fish leaping from the ocean’s frothy waves. Flying fish are thought to have evolved this remarkable gliding ability to escape predators. For their sustenance, flying fish feed on a variety of foods, including plankton. Flying fish have been recorded stretching out their flights with consecutive glides spanning distances of over four football fields. Before it emerges above the water, flying fish accelerates toward the surface of the water with the speed of 37 miles per hour. Watching a flying fish in action is way too cool!

You can read more about the F animal, Flying Fish on NWF


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F Is For Fox Coloring Pages

Animals that Start with the Letter f - fox- Kids activities blog - fox coloring sheet
F is for Fox.

Here at Kids Activities Blog we like foxes and have a lot of fun fox coloring pages and fox printables that can be used when celebrating the letter F:

Child playing on united states map - Kids Activities Blog - child on scooter rolling over US map painted on sidewalk
What places can we visit that start with F?


Next, in our words starting with the letter F, we get to find out about some fantastic places.

1. F is for FLORIDA

Florida’s original Spanish name is La Florida, which means “place of flowers.” Florida is a peninsula—that means it’s almost completely surrounded by water. So, you’ll find caves and sinkholes in the northwestern Marianna lowlands. The coastal plains contain sandy beaches, islands, and coral reefs. Florida is home to the famous Everglades National Park—swampy, wildlife-filled marshland.  A trip to Florida can be out of this world – literally! You can see an actual rocket launch from Cape Canaveral.

2. F is for  FLORENCE, ITALY

People flock to this famous city to view its beautiful architecture, visit its numerous museums and art galleries, and take in its amazing culture. Florence Italy was the “cradle of the Renaissance”. It was home to the great Renaissance artists Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael; as well as the home to the great astronomer Galileo. Florence was the first city in Europe to have paved streets!

3. F is for FIJI

Fiji is a nation of over 300 islands. All of Fiji’s islands could fit inside of New Jersey. Like America, Fiji was a British colony from 1874 to 1970. Then, on October 10th 1970, it became an independent nation. Fiji is a major tourist location, with its white sandy beaches and stunning coral reefs. Because there are so many reefs, there are over 1,500 species living in the coral reefs of Fiji. Culture and traditions are very vibrant and are integral components of everyday life for the majority of Fiji’s population.


Fresh figs in a bowl whole and cut in half, figs starts with f- kids activities blog
Fig starts with F!


They are a great nutrient, vitamins A and C, and fibre source which can help your baby in growth and development. Figs are also an antimicrobial agent, which can help in the development of the immune system of the child. They are beneficial for the digestion system of the baby. It is a soft, sweet fruit.


Compared to other cheeses, it’s low in calories and fat. It also contains a high amount of B vitamins, phosphorus and calcium, which can benefit growing bones. Additionally, feta contains beneficial bacteria and fatty acids. Some research even shows that feta may help improve body composition. Feta is a soft, salty, white cheese originally from Greece. It’s typically made from sheep’s or goat’s milk. Sheep’s milk gives feta a tangy and sharp taste, while goat’s feta is milder. My family has this for breakfast!

Fried Foods

Fried foods are not healthy for us, but they’re oh so tasty some times. Like this delicious and easy fried chicken!



Can you think of more examples for words that start with the letter F? Share some of your favorites below!

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