Science games and activities provide exciting ways to learn about how the world works for kids of all ages. And if you’re wondering how to make learning science fun, the answer is through learning games for kids. Playing can be full of scientific games which explore different ways to dive into a new science topic.

50 Best Science Games for Kids from Kids Activities Blog - atoms, pouring water, walking on eggs, exploding craft sticks, balloons and play dough
Choose one of the 50 easy scientific games & play today at home or in the classroom.

Science Games for Kids

Science is all about observation and experimentation. Add in a learning game element and your kid is sure to have fun while learning about science!

Check out this list of 50 science games in the areas of natural science, social science, and computer science. Every single one of these kids scientific learning games has been kid-tested for fun {giggle}.

 Interactive Science For Kids

Have you ever wondered how to teach science to preschoolers and bigger kids?

Turn science into a game!

Learning games for kids takes a scientific principle or question, a goal, and rules.

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These science educational games are for kids of all different ages. My toddler and I have tried out games for little kids, and they have been big hits! So whether you have a younger child, one in elementary school, middle school students, or older kids searching for interactive science games, we have you covered when it comes to fun science curriculum ideas.

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more science games for kids - walking on eggs, balancing an asteroid, the circulation game and playing tug of war.
So many fun science game ideas that can be done with items you already have…

Interactive Science Games for Kids to Play and Learn Science

  • My son loves mixing playdough colors and matching it to objects in the house, racing objects on homemade ramps, and playing the touch and feel guessing game.
  • I’m saving the chain reaction game for a rainy day because I know it will be a favorite! The dinosaur measuring game will be perfect for when neighborhood kids come over to play later this week.
  • I’m looking forward to when my son is old enough to make a light with a potato or realize how cool it is to walk across cartons of raw eggs.
  • I’m saving space games to correspond with space week at our local library and the recycling sorting game to correspond with Earth Day.
  • We will be playing rock games today after nap because it’s finally cool enough here in Texas to go outside!

Do you see how all his play has turned into scientific fun and games? It is literally to play and learn science!

Hashtag science fun, y’all!

Science Games: Physics

physics games for kids - ways to play with physics at home or in classroom like exploding craft sticks, colorful play dough, eggs, force with tug o war, water play and ramps
Choose one of these learning games – fun physics game ideas you can play & learn…

Help your little ones explore the physical world with these games. They will have a blast as they learn about physical properties such as shape, color, and weight, as well as how objects fit together and interact with one another!

Playfully absorbing scientific knowledge through learning games is one of the best plays. Physics games are some of the best (and more organic) play and learn science activities for kids.

1. Play Dough Mix & Match Physics Game

Playdough Color Mixing and Matching Game via Kids Activities Blog 

Kids will enjoy learning about primary and secondary colors as they mix play dough and match it to objects they find around the house. Physics becomes great play and learn through hands-on activities.

2. Play Tug Of War Together

Tug of War via Kids Activities Blog 

Teach your kids how friction works through the tug of war! Who knew this traditional childhood game could be a science learning game for kids?! Talk about hands on science learning! This is the perfect group game for kids. It could be called a science group game.

3. Racing Ramps Game

Race Objects on Homemade Ramps via PBS Kids

My toddler loves playing with blocks and he loves racing, so building a ramp to test the velocity of  different objects is right up his alley. As you build the ramp, talk about how the different shaped blocks fit together to make a ramp. Then race cars and balls on the ramp and discuss why some objects move faster than others! Consider the weight and shape of each object.

While this makes it one of the best learning games for toddlers for science and physics, don’t underestimate how kids of all ages can play and learn.

4. Tactile Guessing Game

Touch and Feel Guessing Game via PBS Kids

Gather everyday objects from around the house, such as a wet washcloth, a comb, a hot piece of toast, and an apple. Put the objects in a bag and have your child describe each object. Is it wet or dry? Cold or hot? Smooth or rough? This game will help with language development as your child learns about different scientific properties and has fun!

5. Egg Walking Science Game

Walking on Eggs via Steve Spangler Science

Your little one can discover how the shape of an egg makes it strong enough to support the weight of a person by having her walk across rows of raw eggs! Add an extra element to the game by racing your child, or having children race one another, on a second row of eggs.*

*You should probably cover your floors for this science game :)!

6. Chain Reaction Scientific Game

Craft Stick Chain Reaction via Kiwi Co

Your child can learn about chain reactions using craft sticks! Turn this into a game by seeing how long a chain your kid can make before starting the chain reaction and watching it collapse. What’s the scientific force at work in this game? Tension!

7. Guess the Dino Weight…and Height

Just How Big Were Dinosaurs? via Children’s Museum of New Hampshire

Kids. Love. Dinosaurs. Teach your kids how long dinosaurs were with this measuring activity. Turn it into a game by having your kids guess how many of their footprints could fit into a dinosaur footprint or guess how many lengths of their body would fit the length of a dinosaur. Then check to see who is closest. You only need string, a yardstick, and kids!

Science Games for Kids: Energy

explore energy with scince games for kids - balloons, numbered cans, basket car, containers on a desk, potato light bulb
Learning games about energy is fun for kids {of all ages}

Energy is an especially fun concept to introduce to kids because energy is everywhere. It will boggle their minds to think of energy as a source of movement, while still objects also contain energy. Energy is the source of light, while light switched off also contains energy.

That’s because there are two kinds of energy: potential and kinetic. Potential energy is stored whereas kinetic energy is active. Explore both types of energy in these learning games!

8. Electricity Races

Static Electricity Balloon Race by That After School Life

You need a can and a balloon for each child to learn about static electricity and enjoy a fun game! For a little background knowledge on static electricity, check out this short TED talk cartoon by Anuradha Bhagwat.

9. Energy decoration game

Build Cinderella’s Carriage via Teach Beside Me

For this game, kids get to build, decorate, and race carriages! It’s a perfect game for teaching kinetics and potential energy because the cars move after winding up wheels attached by rubber bands. This Peekaboo Kidz video is a helpful refresher on the two kinds of energy. Place Cinderella or other dolls into the carriages and race!

10. How to make a potato battery

Make A Potato Battery via Love to Know

Kids can transfer energy with this electric circuit activity. Turn it into a game by having kids experiment with lemons, oranges, and potatoes, taking a guess as to which food will work best! Here’s a video which explains why a potato works better than a lemon by ScienceC.

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11. Circuit Games

Paper Circuit Board Games via Share It! Science

If the potato battery game is too simple for your kids, try having them create their own paper circuit board game! Kids can learn about circuits and conductivity while designing and building their own game.

12. Guess the Sound

Guess the Can via Faith Wheeler Education

Kids can learn about sound energy in this super simple Guess the Can learning game! Put different types of objects in cans, cover the cans, and let kids guess what’s inside. Pair with a lesson on sound energy and see your kid grow in her knowledge of science!

13. Gravity Balloon Game

Defying Gravity via Play. Party. Plan

Learn about gravitational energy, a form of potential energy,  with this favorite balloon game. Give each player three balloons to see who can keep the balloons in the air the longest!

14. Make a Solar Updraft Tower

Solar Updraft Tower via Almost Unschoolers

After reading an explanation of thermal energy by Steam Powered Family, have your kids make solar updraft towers! To turn it into a game, have them make their towers different ways– use other materials or paint these materials. See which tower creates more energy.

Kids Science Games: Earth and Space

earth and space science games for kids - asteroid in a spoon made of tin foil, recycling cards, dice, items lined up on table very colorful
Let’s learn about earth & space through play…

Help your kids better understand the earth, outer-space, and the environment with these fun learning games!

15. What’s Inside the Asteroid Game?

Asteroid Unravel via Mama of Littles (unavailable)

This is a great game to help your kids with space-related vocabulary— they will unravel each “asteroid” to find a picture of a space-related object inside. As a bonus, this game will help with their fine motor skills.

16. Space Games from NASA

Interactive Online Games via NASA

Kids can explore the earth and space with computer games developed by NASA! And who is better in the world equipped to make space learning games?

17. Build A Spaceship

Build a Spaceship, Space station, or Satellite via Science Kids

Turn this into a science game by giving kids questions to think through as they play. What factors could influence their design? Kids will consider different materials and designs while using their imaginations.

18. Be An Astronaut Game

Astronaut Space Box Game via Best Toys for Toddlers

Kids can experience what it feels like to use their hands while wearing astronaut gloves. Fill a box with stacking rings and other small objects such as cups and marbles. Have children interact with these toys as normal– trying to stack rings or move marbles from one cup to another– while wearing yellow kitchen gloves! Your kid will use fine motor skills while imagining what it might feel like to work in space.

19. Planet Bingo

Planetary Bingo via Elemental Science

This game combines knowledge of planets with luck to create a great science review learning game for kids! Later, you can use the Bingo cards for a game of memory and double the fun.

20. Find the Unnatural Game

Nature Trail Walk On An Unnatural Trail via Kids Activities Blog

For this game, hide a few human-made items on the trail for your kids to find. Talk about the difference between natural and human-made objects and what belongs on a natural trail.

21. Sort To Recycle Game

Recycling Sorting Game via No Time for Flash Cards

In this game, kids cut out objects from magazines and then sort them into garbage and recycling containers. This game would also be fun to play as a follow-up to the trail walk! Once kids find human-made items on the trail, they can categorize the items into recycling and garbage piles. Kids will have fun sorting different items while learning how these choices impact the earth’s environment

22. Play A Rock Game

Rock Games via Handbook of Nature Study (unavailable)

This free printable contains four fun rock games that require varying degrees of knowledge. A diverse age group can play these Geology games together!

23. Water Dice Game

Water Cycle Dice Games via NASA

This dice game demonstrates how the earth’s water system works. It’s a group game, so you will need to gather up some kids to play. Check out this explanation of the water cycle by Bill Nye the Science Guy.

24. Build a Solar System Model

Kids Solar System Project via Kids Activities Blog

Kids could work independently to create each part of the solar system model or make it into a game with each team of kids creating their own giving points for accuracy, details and execution.

Interactive Science Biology Game Ideas

biology games for kids - learn the body through play - bingo, circulation game bone game, cycle of a butterfly game
Learn the parts of the body through play and fun!

Teach your kids about life cycles and living organisms with these fun learning games!

24. Play A Body Circulation Game

Circulation Game via Ellen McHenry’s Basement Workshop (unavailable)

In this game players move blood cells, food, and waste tokens around the body. Whichever team delivers or disposes of all their tokens first wins the game.

25. Pick-Up Bones

Pick-up Bones Game via Elemental Science

In this game, kids learn about the full body system. In addition to free and printable cards, you’ll need a set of plastic bones. This game is similar to spoons, a crowd favorite in my house!

26. Guess The Bone Game

Skeleton Bone Game via Kids Activities Blog

With this free printable, have your kids race to label different parts of skeletons! Afterwards, see if the kids can replicate their skeletons using food. Sooo fun!

27. Body Bingo

Human Body Printable Bingo Cards via Darcy and Brian

Teach your kids about their organs with this Bingo game! Simply print the bingo cards and bring the fun anywhere you go!

28. Chain Game

Food Chain Game via Brain Power Boy

Cut out pictures of organisms using this free printable and let your kids discover different food chains. It’s a fun way to learn about how energy flows through the ecosystem.

29. Body Trivia Game

Human Body Trivia via Deceptively Educational

Try out this fun (and free! and printable!) human body trivia game. Kids of all ages will surely be amazed with all the new learnings!

30. Life Cycle

Butterfly Life Cycle Game via Life Over C’s 

Go to a butterfly garden, read The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and then play this fun butterfly life cycle game with your children!

Chemistry Learning Games for Kids

chemistry games for kids - learn chemistry through play - periodic table, periodic table dice and crossword and atom
Let’s experiment with chemistry games {giggle}

I don’t usually think of chemistry and games together. But there are many ways to play with matter and learn how elements mix together. Complicated ideas can be made simple through fun & games…science games!

Start here!

31. Guess That Compound

Chemical Compound Naming Fun via Science with Mrs. Lau

Make compound naming and formula writing into a fun learning game using this free printable. This will help the children memorize the elements faster!

32. Periodic Table Battleship Game

Periodic Table Battleship via A Reason for Homeschool 

Battleship using the periodic table for the older ones? Yes, please!

33. Periodic Table Crossword Puzzle

Elements Crossword via Puzzles to Print

This crossword puzzle is a perfect, low-key chemistry game with very minimal set-up. Just print it out and let your kid play while learning the elements.

34. Atoms and Isotopes Game for Kids

Atoms and Isotopes via Elemental Science

In this game, players race to create atoms! Even the little ones will get to play with so much fun!

35. Make A Bouncy Ball

Homemade Bouncy Ball via Kids Activities Blog

Using your knowledge of chemistry, create homemade bouncy balls for kids! Game possibilities are endless. Start with this list.

36. Bug Speed Race

Bugs On The Run via American Chemical Society

Kids make molecules in the piston move faster or slower to guide bugs to a hungry chameleon. What fun!


social science games for kids - explore social sciences with these games for kids - dinosaur bone discover,  penny toss and emotion board
Social science games are games too!

Social science is the scientific study of the relationship between society and social relations. It includes anthropology, history, economics, geography, political science, sociology, and psychology. Let’s play some social science learning games…

37. Around the World Game

Around the World In 80 Games via Visualistan

Anthropology is the scientific study of humans and societies. Games tell quite a bit about particular societies– so much so that there is an academic subfield that specializes in Anthropology through games. Capture your kid’s attention with 80 Games from Around the World.

38. History Escape Room

History Escape Room via Life with Moore Babies

This game requires your kids to use their knowledge of History to repair their time machine and escape a room. I might be showing what a history nerd I am, but this game tops the charts for me!

39. Penny Toss

Coin Toss Game via Hands On As We Grow

This is a super simple learning game for teaching kids about money. Simple games are sometimes the best! There are variations to make this game appropriate for a mix of older and younger kids.

40. Follow the map game

Map Games via Kids Activities Blog

Help your kids cultivate geography and visual literacy skills with this simple homemade map game! You will draw a floor plan of your home and mark where you have hidden treasures around the house. Your child will use the map to lead her to the treasures! Check out other map games on Kids Activities Blog as well.

41. All the Presidents Game

The Presidents Game via Homeschool with Love

A rummy-style game that teaches kids U.S. presidential chronology? Yes, please. Check out this free printable.

42. Emotion Game

Empathy Game via Moments a Day

The concept of empathy is an important one for kids to grasp. This game asks kids to imagine different situations and how those situations would make them feel.


computer science games for kids - computer programming games for kids, coding for kids
Coding games are science too!

Computer science is the study of Computer Technology. Computers are vital to everyday life. We can expect that branch of science will only continue to grow.

One area of computer science is computer programming, or coding. Luckily, there are several free (and fun!) online games that can give your kids an extra boost in learning to code.

Let’s play a coding game…a coding learning game!

43. Code Monster Game

Code Monsters via Crunchzilla

This game focuses on concepts such as variablesloopsconditionalsexpressions, and functions. Older kids will learn a lot while enjoying the game.

44. Code Combat Game

Learn How to Code via Code Combat

Code Combat is a computer science program in which kids type Python and JavaScript to make their characters move. Kids progress from basic syntax to recursion while they play!

45. Bot Logic Game

Solve Puzzles By Programming via LightBot(unavailable)

LightBot teaches kids of all ages programming logic through puzzles! How cool is that?

46. Choose Your Own Coding Adventure

Scratch via MIT

With Scratch, kids can create interactive stories, games, and animations!

47. Blockly Games

Blockly Games

Blockly Games teaches programming through eight types of games. These games focus on loops and conditionalscontrol-flowmathematical equations, and functions. Kids learn JavaScript as they play!

48. Dance Coding has a great variety of games for grades K-12 and beyond. Your kids can learn to code while having a “dance party” with Katy Perry or playing Minecraft. My nieces would love this website.

49. Pixel Games

Tynker: Puppy Adventure via Brainpop (unavailable)

Kids can connect to visual code blocks to help Pixel the puppy get back home.

50. Maze Solving Game

Code Master Blitz via ThinkFun

Have your kids create and solve a color code maze! They will easily learn the basics without a computer.

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Play and Learn Science FAQs

Can you use games to teach science?

Games can be a great way to teach science concepts to kids. There are so many different types of educational games that can be used. When you are thinking of what type of science game to choose, here are some thoughts about matching educational goals with science games:

  1. Science scavenger hunts – scavenger hunts can be customized to learn specific science skills. Try our nature scavenger hunt as inspiration to creating a scavenger hunt for learning.
  2. Science flash card games – if kids need to learn science vocabulary or science facts, try flash card games to easily memorize and learn difficult concepts.
  3. Science experiments as games – Kids are curious and love investigation making any type of science experiment fun and games! Start with one of these easy science experiments!
  4. Science board games – there are a lot of variety of science board games to suit kids of any age. Here are a few of our favorites: Cytosis: A Cell Biology Board Game for kids ages 10 and up, Periodic: A Game of the Elements for ages 10 and up, STEM Family Battle a family board game for kids and adults.
  5. Science coloring pages – playfully interact with important science concepts through coloring pages and activity sheets. Try our periodic table coloring pages or fun facts about volcanos sheet, fun facts about spiders sheet or fun facts about space printables.

What science games are good for preschool age kids 3-5 years old?

  • Favorite physics game: #1 playdough mix and match
  • Favorite science game: #13 gravity balloon game
  • Favorite space/earth game: #20 hike an unnatural trail
  • Favorite biology game: #30 butterfly life cycle game
  • Favorite chemistry game: #34 atoms and isotopes game
  • Favorite social science game: #39 penny toss game

What science games are good for kindergarten & 1st grade (kids ages 5, 6 & 7 years old)?

  • Favorite physics game: #3 racing ramps game
  • Favorite science game: #12 guess the sound game
  • Favorite space/earth game: #19 planet bingo
  • Favorite biology game: #27 body bingo
  • Favorite chemistry game: #35 make a bouncy ball
  • Favorite social science game: #40 follow the map game

What science games are good for grades 2-5 (kids ages 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11 years old)?

  • Favorite physics game: #2 tug of war game
  • Favorite science game: #8 electricity races
  • Favorite space/earth game: #16 check out NASA games
  • Favorite biology game: #25 pick up bones
  • Favorite chemistry game: #35 make a bouncy ball
  • Favorite social science game: #38 history escape room

What science games are good for middle school students (kids ages 11, 12 & 13 years old)?

  • Favorite physics game: #5 egg walking science
  • Favorite science game: #10 build a potato battery
  • Favorite space/earth game: #17 build a spaceship game
  • Favorite biology game: #26 guess the bone game
  • Favorite chemistry game: #32 periodic table battleship game
  • Favorite social science game: #37 around the world game

What science games are good for high school students (kids ages 13 and up)?

  • Favorite physics game: #6 chain reaction game
  • Favorite science game: #11 circuit games
  • Favorite space/earth game: #16 play space games
  • Favorite biology game: #29 body trivia game
  • Favorite chemistry game: #33 periodic table crossword puzzle
  • Favorite social science game: #37 around the world game
science games for kids include all sorts of fun science play including dino dig, sorting, tug of war and potato light
Choose your own science learning adventure!


Preschoolers through big kids will love these fun science games!

What are your kid’s favorite science games and activities?

We love new ideas.

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  1. These amazing science games made learning so much fun for my kids that they didn’t even know they were learning! We all had a blast trying a few out.

  2. Yay for Science games! My kids love them (we did the tug of war one today… naturally, they loved that one!). We’ve printed your list, they get to take it in turns picking a science game each.