Tie Dye Designs You’ll Love

Is it just me or does it seem like tie dye is making a comeback? Recently, I’ve seen some really groovy tie dye designs and patterns online and in magazines. 

Both kids and adults are embracing the tie dye trend, creating unique tie dye patterns with different tie dye techniques like dip dye which is trending!

Tie dye is such a fun and creative activity you can do with your kids all year long, but especially during the summer months.

Fun Tie-Dye Design Ideas with a Mermaid tank top, dip dye shirt, tie-dye party favor bags, Mickey Mouse tie-dye shirts, tie-dye masks, Fourth of July tie-dye shirt on boy, Captain America tie-dye shirts on little girl and boy, ombre tie-dye shirt, tie-dye shorts, permanent marker tie-dye designs, tie-dye tote bags, tie-dye watermelon dresses on little girls, and tie-dye shoes.
Try some new tie dye techniques & make these fun tie dye patterns!

When I think of tie dye, what comes to mind first is shirts. Probably because growing up, I tie dyed A LOT of t-shirts in Girl Scouts!

But the truth is you can tie dye nearly anything.

Socks, lunch bags, face masks – even shoes!

Check out this list of 20+ tie dye projects!

Many of these posts include tie dye folding techniques with pictures and step instructions – especially handy if you’ve never tie dyed before. You’re sure to find at least one idea that will inspire you to tie dye something in your closet or around your home.


Mickey Mouse Tie Dye Pattern

Create this Mickey Mouse tie dye shirt for your next Disney trip! This makes a great group shirt for a family or organized group to identify each other at the park. Try using different colors of fabric dye for a fun way to quickly locate someone you know. It is a cool modification of a spiral design.

Three blue tie-dye shirts hanging on a fence with a red Mickey Mouse head in the center of each.
This Mickey Mouse design is perfect for your family trip to Disney!

Fourth of July Tie Dye Design

Tie dye fourth of July t shirts are easy and fun to make! And transform a fabric item like a cotton t-shirt or bag into a patriotic design for a holiday celebration.

Boy in a red, white, and blue tie-dye shirt with a leafy background.
Red, white and blue cool tie dye technique.

Dip Tie Dye Techniques

Learn how to dip dye tees for kids.  It is an easy way to get started with tie dye at home in hot water and then rinse in cold water for best results. If you have never done it before. It is like easy tie dye for beginners!

Shirt being dip tie-dyed in purple dye.  Dipped tie dye technique is an easy beginner idea.
Fabric is dipped in the dye solution.

Colorful & Bright Summer Designs

Try these fun tie dye projects – especially in the summer months. I love the watermelon pattern, the rainbow shoes and the traditional tie dye bag. All these different patterns inspire me to get out bright colors of dye!

Collage of watermelon tie-dye shirt, tie-dye tennis shoes, tie-dye group of shirts, rainbow tie-dye shirt, and ombre green, yellow, and pink tie-dye shirt.
Oh so many patterns to choose from…I can’t wait to get my first project going.

Learn tie dye techniques from the pros! via Tie Dye Your Summer This has many ways on how to tie dye including specific ideas and instructions for each of these which do not have to be soaked in soda ash prior to dying:

  • Two-minute tie dye technique using colors of your choice
  • Spiral pattern design which is a traditional methods where you use rubber bands
  • Reverse tie dye pattern <–this is a twist on the spiral tie dye pattern!
  • Shibori technique
  • Accordion fold method or fan fold
  • Heart design
  • Ice Dye technique
  • Rainbow pattern
  • Spider design
  • Kaleidoscope technique
  • String technique
  • Crumple technique
  • Stripes pattern
  • Ombre technique
  • Bullseye pattern
  • Sunburst design
  • Folding technique
  • Watercolor design
  • Chevron technique
  • Galaxy pattern

Tie Dye Art Design

This is a great way to create serious pops of color with this permanent marker tie dye technique! via Kitchen Table Classroom

Tie-dye circles on white fabric with permanent markers in background.
Love these bright and colorful ink designs!


Tips for Tie Dying with Kids

Read on for some helpful tips and tricks for completing a great project – tie dyeing with kids! via Happiness is Homemade

Tie Dye with Ice Technique

Looking for different ways to tie dye? Check out this tutorial for tie dyeing with ice or snow! via Bre Pea

Water Balloon Tie Dye Idea

Tie dye t-shirts with water balloons at your next summer party! via Kimspired DIY

Captain America Tie Dye Design

Create Captain America tie dye shirts. via Simply Kelly Designs

Little girl and little boy together in Captain America tie-dye shirts in front of grass.
Love these Captain America tie dye t-shirts made at home!

Mermaid Tie Dye Technique

The mermaid lover in your family is going to want to make one of these tie dye shirts! via Doodle Craft Blog

Blue mermaid tie-dyed tank top on sand with seashells surrounding it.
The watery scales that are created by the ink makes this so lovely!

Rainbow Swirl Patterns

Learn how easy it is to make rainbow swirl tie dyed shirts! via Crafty Chica

Amazing Affiliated Tie Dye Kits, from Amazon!


Make a tie dye face mask

Learn how to tie dye your face masks! via 5 Little Monsters

Stack of blue, pink, purple, and white tie-dye face masks.
Face masks are the perfect place for a little colorful tie dye design!

Sharpie Tie Dye Technique

Did you know you can tie dye your shoes with Sharpie pens? via Fun Loving Families

You can tie dye your socks, too! via The Tiptoe Fairy

Tie-dye socks on a pair of kids feet on a carpeted floor.
Use Sharpies as your tie dye ink for both socks and shoes!

Watermelon Tie Dye Pattern

This watermelon tie dye dress is so cute! Your daughter is going to want one this summer! via Paging Fun Mums

Two little girls in watermelon tie-dye dresses eating watermelon in front of a pool.
This is one of my favorite tie dye patterns — make watermelon dresses!

Pillowcase Patterns

Make personalized tie dye pillowcases! via Hometalk 

Tie Dye Bag Designs

Create these fun tie dye party favor bags! via Ginger Snap Crafts

Four tie-dye party favor bags full of sunglasses and notebooks on grass.
What colorful and cool goodie bags for a sleepover!

Tie Dyed Tote Bag Ideas

Tie dye a tote bag for you or a friend! via Doodle Craft Blog

Five different colored tie-dye tote bags laid out on the ground.
Love all the colors and designs of these totes!

Lunch Bag Patterns

Your kids will love tie dyeing their lunch bags, too. via Fave Crafts


Have you done any tie dyeing recently with your kids? Share your favorite project in the comments below.


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