Self-watering planters that use animal tongues to drink the water? Extreme cuteness dinosaur planter alert! I always forget to water my plants. Or I over-water. Self-watering plants are a necessity for my house.

Greenzaurus Drinking Dinosaur Planters - 3 self-watering dino planters that use tongue to drink water
The dinosaur planters use their tongues to self-water the plants! How cute!

Self Watering Animal Planter that Drinks with its Tongue

So, I need a self-watering planter.  I want a cute planter.  And I found these adorable animal planters that drink with their tongue!  The first ones I found were the dinosaur self-drinking planters.

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Self-Watering Dinosaur Planters

These Drinking Dinosaur Planters shown in the pictures were found several years ago and have since disappeared off the internet (if you find them, please add the link in the comments). Sine they are the perfect way to keep plants healthy and watered, without over or under watering them we found similar ones that are now linked in this article. The best part is there are different types of dinosaurs that are different colors!

3 Variations of this Dinosaur Planter

  • Triceratops self-watering planter filled with sweet basil that has a blue licking tongue
  • Stegosaurus self-watering planter filled with lucky clover that has a pink licking tongue
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex self-watering planter filled with wild strawberry that has a purple licking tongue

Each one is made of ceramic so they double as the cutest little decor pieces. I don’t know which dino planter I love the most!

Wild Strawberry Greenzaurus Drinking Dinosaur Planter - uses purple tongue to self-water the plant
This self-watering dinosaur grows wild strawberries!

Self Watering Dinosaur Planter Kits from Greenzaurus

The kits come with their plants ready to grow. It is easy to keep the self-watering plants happy and healthy and growing.

Where to Buy a Dino Planter

These adorable drinking dinosaurs are available and are the only dinosaur self-watering planters I could find.  

How to Grow Plants in Dinosaur Planters

  1. Just remove the dinosaur, set up the little potted plant in their backs
  2. Place water in the ceramic bowl
  3. Allow the dinosaurs to drink the water via their big slurpy tongues.

You Won’t Forget to Water the Plants

Your dinosaur knows the perfect amount of water for them and you won’t need to worry about guessing.

You Won’t Over Water the Plants

That’s because each one has little bowls or glass coasters to hold a small amount of water and the tongue only allows so much water to come through.

So you never have to worry about your indoor plant being over watered or under watered. 

Lucky Clover Greenzaurus Drinking Dinosaur Planter - uses pink tongue to self-water the plant
This self-watering dinosaur grows lucky clovers!

Starting Plants in a Dinosaur Plant Pot

Once the plants have outgrown their little dinosaur starter pots, you can transfer them to larger pots and replant a new start or just enjoy your dinosaur statues.  

It’s a great project with kids too, knowing that the plants will be properly watered. These greenzaurus drinking dinosaur planters will get any kid interested in life science!

Sweet basil Greenzaurus Drinking Dinosaur Planter - uses blue tongue to self-water the plant
This self-watering planter uses its blue dinosaur tongue to water sweet basil!

More Self Watering Animal Tongue Planters You Might Love

I need a bunch of these at home, but I was also thinking this makes a really cute gift for just about anyone, no matter the age. 

Kids will love them because they are cute and awesome and adults will think they are adorable and know what a gift self-watering can be!

self watering animals with pink tongues - four shown with plants and lapping up water
This set of 4 animals that use their tongues to self-water are adorable!

1. Self-Watering Animal Planter 4 Pack

Buy these cute self-watering planters on Amazon.

This set of 4 Watering Animal Planter Self Watering Planter Drinking Animal Tongue Cute Style Ceramic Mini Backpack Plant Pot (whew, that is hard to say 3 times really fast) contains:

  • Cat planter with wild strawberry
  • Dog planter with clover
  • Frog planter with mint
  • Panda planter with basil
polar bear self watering tongue planter
This polar bear uses his pink tongue to self-water the plant!

2. Polar Bear Self Watering Animal Drinking Planter

Buy this cute polar bear self-watering planter on Amazon.

It is a Mcgreen self watering animal planter drinking animal tongue cultivation DIY mini ceramic plant pots home office desktop white bear (again, who comes up with this stuff?).

3. Other Self Watering Planters We Love

You can also get some other variations of self-watering animal planters:

  • Pink pig
  • Lucky monkey
  • Cute bear

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Which is your favorite tongue drinking, self watering, adorable animal and dinosaur planter?

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