Free Road Trip BINGO Printable Game

Heading out on a road trip soon…grab our free road trip bingo cards!

This Road Trip BINGO Printable Game is the perfect thing to add to your travel bag to entertain the kids (or adults) on a long drive.

Road Trip BINGO Printable Game

Download & Print Free Road Trip Bingo Printable Cards

Gather the family and break out the BINGO chips, because this printable Road Trip BINGO game is filled with traveling fun!

This road trip bingo pdf is created on standard size paper so it is easy to print at home.

Road trip bingo for the entire family

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How to Play Road Trip BINGO

This printable game is designed for up to six players, the colorful cards feature common things that you’d see on a road trip.

To play the game you will need:

  • Road trip bingo cards (see box above)
  • (Optional) Lamination material
  • Dry erase markers or another way to mark your bingo card
  • Things you would see on a road trip!
  • Plastic bag to hold game pieces

Print the cards out on cardstock and laminate them for extra durability and BINGO playing fun. After they’re laminated, kids could also use the game while in the car by marking off the spots of the things they see along the way with a dry erase marker.

You can play traditional bingo rules that call for 5 in a row (diagonal, horizontal or vertical) or play alternative games like four corners or blackout…although with these cards if everyone sees the same thing, they will all get blackout at the same time.

Store the cards together in a zip top bag for BINGO playing fun all vacation long!

Road Trip Bingo Cards – What You Need to Find

There are so many different things that could go on a road trip bingo card, but here are a few that we thought were really important.

Bingo Card 1

Card 1

  • Wind turbines
  • Cloud
  • Stop sign
  • Scooter
  • Mountains
  • Flag
  • Barn
  • Hot air balloon
  • Tree
  • Airplane
  • Taxi
  • Gas pump
  • Construction
  • Train
  • Signal
  • Bridge
  • Police
  • Corn
  • Cow
  • Dog
  • Speed Limit 50
  • Tall building
  • Bike
  • River

Bingo Card 2

Card 2

A combination of those elements are in different spots.  This way everyone is seeking the same thing, but each needs something different to call out…BINGO!

Bingo Cards 3 4 5 6

Card 3

Card 4

Card 5

Card 6

Travel Printables for Kids

We love using printable projects for road trips because it helps curb the screen-time angst!  Lately, road trips seem to have dissolved into a non-stop screen fest.  These type of games can help pass the time, occupy busy minds and keep peace in the car!

Here are some other things that can help kids stay engaged…

quiet travel games for kids

Quiet games for travel – These 15 ideas for quiet play can be LIFE SAVERS for drivers.  Seriously, giving kids activities that can be accomplished in their seats without noise is something every driver deserves at some point.

DIY travel memory game

Travel Memory Game – I love this DIY Memory game that is perfect for road trips.

travel journal

Family Travel Journal – This old school travel journal is a really fun project that the entire family can participate in.

i spy travel game

Travel Game for Kids – Learning Windows – Whether you are going on a long car trip this summer or a short trips around town, you will probably being looking for games to play with the kids in the car.

Road Trip Bingo Apps

Wait, I thought you said that road trip bingo would keep my kids OFF of their screens…well, we thought it might be helpful to have options.  So only use these road trip bingo app ideas if you are willing to allow screen-time.

Road Trip Bingo Apps for Kids

We found the following road bingo apps:

There are many more.  You can find good road trip bingo apps for both Apple & Android devices.


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