Here’s A List of Digital Escape Rooms You Can Visit From Your Couch

We’re all likely needing an escape right now and nothing says escape better than an escape room!

Since you can’t actually go to an escape room with the current stay-at-home orders, the next best thing is a digital escape room and there are so many available online that are family friendly and just begging for you to try them out with your kids.

Digital Escape Rooms

Solve Egyptian themed riddles and logic questions and puzzles as you try to Escape the Sphinx.

Can you help Cinderella get to the ball and meet her Prince Charming in Cinderella Escapes?

Greek legends say an ancient beast, the minotaur, guarded a special maze.  Try to beat the Minotaur’s Labyrinth Escape Room.

Courtesy of Hogwarts Digital Escape Room

Escape from Hogwarts in this Harry Potter themed digital escape room.  Want to know what our writers thought?  Our review is right here.

For Star Wars fans, gather your Jedis to help the Rebellion as you try to Escape from Star Killer Base.

Pete the Cat is having a birthday party and you’re invited, but your present has disappeared.  Can you find it in the Pete the Cat and the Birthday Party Mystery Room?

Courtesy of the Escape from Wonderland Digital Escape Room

Escape from Wonderland with Alice and her friends as you tell time with the White Rabbit and have a tea party with the Mad Hatter and March Hare.

Assemble your own team of Avengers and use your powers to Escape from the Hydra Base in this “Marvel’s Avengers” Themed Digital Escape Room.

Travel around the world as you try to solve this Spy Apprentice Digital Escape Room.

Courtesy of Space Explorer Training Digital Escape Room

Prepare to launch into space by solving the codes to your launch in the Space Explorer Training Digital Escape Room

Pikachu has disappeared and it’s your job to find him in this Pikachu’s Rescue Digital Escape Room.

Help Goldilocks get out of the Three Bears Cottage before they return in Escape the Fairy Tale.

Each escape room is more fun when done as a family, though it is possible to complete them on your own.  Challenge your kids to see which ones they can solve or work together as a team as you try them out.

Courtesy of Spy Apprentice Digital “Escape Room” Adventure

Printable Escape Rooms

Check out this printable escape room that gives you everything you need for the entire escape adventure that will take 45-60 minutes and you can do it all from home.

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