Keep this amazing list of over 40 Easy Homemade Costumes for Kids nearby because Halloween is fast approaching! There’s something special and fun about homemade costumes that everybody loves.

Nothings garners more oohs and aahs than a well put together DIY Halloween costume for kids. All of these homemade costumes are easily made…no seamstress skills or design degree needed! Plus, it is one of many great Halloween activities for kids that can be great way to spend time together.

Here’s some more easy Halloween costumes for kids you can make that they will want to wear all year round.

40 of the easiest homemade Halloween costumes that include a pink pig with giant ears, a wood cutter with a bushy brown beard, the good witch and evil witch from wizard of oz.

Make a Simple Kid Halloween Costume

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Glinda the Good and the Wicked Witch of the West

Before you look at anything else, stop and check out this DIY Glinda and Wicked Witch of the West homemade Halloween costumes. It is the perfect costume for siblings or even best friends! -via Simple As That

Be Extra With Face Paint Ideas

Make homemade Halloween costumes extra fancy with some Face Paint Ideas. Your costume can be a little extra this year with the proper face paint to make you extra ghoulish! -via One Crazy House

However, fret not if you have allergies to face paint or makeup, these mask ideas are just as good.

Red Lego Brick

Easily make a Lego costume with an empty appliance box and some spray paint. It sounds simple, and is, but looks amazing! It looks like a real Lego brick. -via Kids Activities Blog

Classic Robot Costume

Cardboard boxes, aluminum foil and duct tape are the basis of this amazing robot costume. With technology so popular nowadays this costume is absolutely perfect.  From Small + Friendly.

Simple Ash Ketchum Outfit

Have a kid that’s gotta catch them all? Check out our easy no sew Pokemon Ash costume! With Pokemon making a comeback this costume is perfect especially since it is no sew, but still has the iconic hat and vest combo. -via Kids Activities Blog

Iconic Charlotte’s Web Costume

Have your kid go as a book character! Isn’t this Charlotte’s Web Halloween costume so adorable?! This costume is so simple and cute. The web t-shirt with mesh and lace goes adorable with some black leggings and a mask. -via Jennifer Rizzo

These handmade costumes include a tie dye hippy costume, a super girl costume with black mask, a good witch in pink and evil witch in black and green, a pink pig with giant ears, a wood cutter with a brown beard, a viking warrior with a horned helmet, a starbuck frappe, and Malificent all in black.
From witches to warriors and everything in between, we have homemade costumes for everyone!

Red Fox

This red fox costume is made from an old jacket and a sweater along with a few other crafty materials. This fox costume is simple, sweet, lowkey, but adorable. But it does require some needle work so if you aren’t familiar with sewing this may not be the costume for you.  Via The Paper Mama.

Manly Lumberjack Costume

I am so making this lumberjack costume this year! I love easy homemade costumes for kids. Plus the beard is just adorable. I think it is my favorite part of the entire costume. -via Make It and Love It

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

You are going to fall in love with this If You Give a Mouse a Cookie costume. If you or your kids love this classic children’s book then this is the costume for you-via The House That Lars Built

Plastic Army Man

A big can of spray paint and a handful of thrift store items made this incredible toy army man costume. It’s one of the easiest costumes to make at home and you look just like the classic toy! It’s awesome. via Wild Ink.

Awesome Rain Cloud With Rain

Your kids will make a lightening entrance in this cute rain cloud costume. This one is a super easy kids costume and great for people, like me, who don’t particularly like the sunshine! The cotton cloud is so cute. -via Make It And Love It

Patriotic Statue of Liberty Costume

This Statue of Liberty costume is easy for you and your kids to make together. I’ve actually done this one, and it turned out super cute. The only thing I added was some green face paint to match the tarnish of the body. From Me Sew Crazy

Homemade kids costumes that involve a supreme pizza, a cute elderly man costume from the movie up with orange, green, red, yellow, and blue balloons, a vikings outfit with a horned helmet, shield and axe. A monarch butterfly dress complete with orange and white wings, and diary of a wimpy kid mask for the entire family.
I love supreme pizza! That costume looks super cute. But I also love the costume from the movie “Up.”

Homemade Kid Halloween Costume Ideas

Yellow Minion Costume

You probably already have most everything you need to make this Minion costume inspired by Despicable Me right at home! It even includes the big eyes! From Hodge Podge Craft.

Supreme Pizza

Here’s a budget friendly Halloween costume idea — I want to eat this pizza costume right up! It even has all the little vegetables like mushrooms and peppers. How cute! -via DIY network

Starbucks Frappacino

This Starbucks tall caramel frappacino costume gives me a “latte” joy! Just sayin’. Plus, Starbucks is always popular! -via Costume Works

Simple Mummy Costume

Use a roll of toilet paper to make a simple mummy costume! Everyone probably has extra toilet paper laying around this year so may as well put it to good use.-via Kids Activities Blog

Homemade Hippie Costume Idea

Duuuuuuude. Here’s a fun homemade hippie costume. It’s super simple and involves a lot of tie dye, but who doesn’t love tie dye?-via Eat Sleep Make

Adorable Olivia Costume

Beginner readers will adore this Olivia costume…and you will too! I love costumes based on children’s books. It really reinforces the stories I think.-via Primary

No-Sew Mermaid Costume

Make your own mermaid costume by creating these simple, no-sew mermaid tails from shiny fabric, velcro and super glue. Who doesn’t want to be a sparkly mermaid? via Living Locurto.

Be a Monarch Butterfly

Butterfly in the sky…I can fly twice as high! Take a look…at this felt monarch butterfly homemade costume! I love this so much. It almost looks like the real thing!-via Buggy and Buddy

Angry Birds

If you have at least a little sewing ability you can make this awesome Angry Birds costume. This is so cool. It’s just like the video game. From I Can Teach My Child.

Easy Scarecrow

Grab a pair of overalls and some burlap and make this easy scarecrow Halloween costume. Super simple and sweet, just the way I like my costume. -via Costume Works

These simple homemade costumes consist of a blue bird with feathers, a garden gnome with a white beard and a pointed red hat, if you give a mouse a cookie costume complete with mouse ears and a giant cookie, sparkly blue and green mermaids, and an red angry bird.

Character Homemade Kids Costumes

Frozen’s Kristoff Costume

If you have a little boy that is a Frozen fan, he will adore this incredible, no-sew Kristoff costume. It even includes Sven! You can’t have Kristoff without Sven. via Mom Endeavors.

Light Up Jellyfish Costume

You can make this totally awesome jellyfish costume! I love this homemade Halloween costume! This beautiful blue costume even lights up making it that much cooler. -via Press Print Party

Buzz Lightyear To the Rescue

This tutorial for a Buzz Lightyear costume is amazing and it requires no sewing! Plus, your child can be their favorite hero from their favorite movie. It is a win-win! From Fun at Home With Kids.

Adorable Popcorn Box

This is such a great idea! Use a cardboard box and spray foam insulation to make this homemade popcorn box costume. Who doesn’t love popcorn? Plus, it is easier to make than you think.-via Costume Pop

Beautiful Ladybug

Make a beautiful pair of wings for a ladybug costume with a little leftover cardboard. These wings are so easy to make and require very minimum supplies. -via No Time for Flash Cards.

Old Man From Up Costume

This UP old man costume is so stinkin’ cuuuute! I love that they included a pvc walker and all the colorful balloons. Let’s hope he doesn’t float away like the house in the movie! -via Brit & Co.

Rio’s Blue Costume

If your kids love Rio, you can make this fun Blue costume out of felt. The beautiful variations of blue for the feathers really makes this costume I think. via Mama Miss.

Bearded Garden Gnome 

This garden gnome costume is a quick project using old clothes from home. I can’t get over how cute this is. From the pointy red hat to the felt white beard, I love it. via Adventure in a Box.

Simple Scuba Diver Costume

Use empty soda bottles to make this adorable scuba diver costume for kids! This is such a great way to reuse things you have at home like swimming masks. Plus, it’s a great way to recycle bottles as well. Cute and you can go green, it is perfect. -via Delineate Your Dwelling

These are the easiest costumes to make like the viking costume with a foam axe and horned helmet, blue and green scuba divers with soda bottle oxygen tanks, the rainbow my little pony, green and black evil witch along with the pink good witch, and Malificent and her brown horns and wings.
I love how the soda bottles are reused into oxygen tanks!

More DIY Kid Costume Ideas

Rainbow Fish Costume

Make this beautiful rainbow fish costume (no-sew!) from pieces of felt. The scales are so beautiful. I love all the rainbow colors and the sparkles!  via Here Come The Girls.

Simple Supergirl Attire

This no-sew supergirl costume is so much fun for a little girl! Not only is this costume super, but it too has sparkles and you can use a lot of items you already have at home. From Mama Papa Bubba.

Viking Warrior Costume

Little boys and girls will cheer for this diy viking costume. I love this costume so much! It is mighty and fierce and the horned helmet is so cute. -via Lia Griffith

Fireman Costume

Easily make your own fireman costume with this DIY air tank made from recycled plastic bottles. Like the scuba diver costume, this is a great recycled costume. via Sugar Spice and Glitter

Homemade Rainbow Dash Costume

My Little Pony fans will LOVE this Rainbow Dash homemade costume! Everyone loves My Little Pony! The tail for Rainbow Dash is rainbow bliss! It’s beautiful. -via Grosgrain

Rey From Star Wars Attire

Star Wars fans will love this Rey Star Wars easy homemade costume with a very detailed tutorial. Star Wars is so popular, and Rey from the recent movies has one of the easiest costume to replicate.-via Galactic Glitter

Easiest Scientist Costume

One of the easiest DIY costumes I’ve seen is this amazing scientist costume. This scientist costume is minimum, but perfect. It only requires about 5 items, most of which you probably already have. via Happiness is Homemade.

Magical Unicorn Costume

A diy unicorn costume? I am pretty sure this homemade costume is MAGICAL. The rainbow yard hair and gold wrapped horn really pulls the costume together. -via Craftaholics Anonymous

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Family Costumes

This Diary of a Wimpy Kid costume is adorable and incredibly easy to make. Plus it involves the whole family which makes Halloween that much greater when you can do it with everyone!  via Living Locurto.

Homemade Young Maleficent Costume

Words do not describe how awesome this Young Maleficent homemade costume is. It looks like an exact replica from the movie. Amazing! -via Dear Lizzy

What costumes are your kids requesting this year?   

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