Halloween is the best time to learn about the bones in our bodies and what better way to learn them than through play! Print this Skeleton Printable Game and let’s have some fun!

Learning about the bones in our bodies is just the beginning to learning about the  human body system.

Skeleton Printable Game

Once you print this skeleton game I really recommend you laminate all the game pieces! This game can easily be played at home or in school with larger groups of kids!

Skeleton game set up

The Skeleton Printable Game Includes

  • 1 page with game rules
  • 1 page with a spinner
  • 2 pages with bone name game cards + 1 page with blank game cards (so you can add additional bone names to the game)
  • Skeleton Printable Tabloid: 1 Tabloid (A3) sized page with a skeleton to use in the classroom.
  • Skeleton Printable: Two pages with skeletons (one with bone names and one without)

Download here: Skeleton Printable Game

You can also use a simplified version with 9 bones to identify – snatch these skeleton bones printables.

Skeleton Game Rules

How to play this skeleton game is simple enough! You basically follow what the spinner says. You’ll have to name the bone, show where it is, or maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get a free point!

There are other options do where you may have to name 3 bones or you will have to spin again or ask another.

It’s very simple, sweet, and to the point! Who says education has to be difficult?

More Play Printables

Now that your kids know all there is to know about the human skeleton why not have them play veterinarian with these pretend play printables and learn about animal anatomy too! Also let them turn themselves into animals by printing one of these animal printable masks!

More Anatomy  Learning Activities

If you are looking for more fun ways to learn about bones in our body do check this super cute skeleton craft. Also check the this heart anatomy craft as it will give kids an idea on how the heart works!

While it isn’t a printable, you can actually buy a full sized skeleton to create your own with this sand skeleton beach toy.

Skeleton Printable Game- with a spinner with name it, name 3, show it, spin again, ask another, and free point and cards with names of the bones.

If you enjoyed this fun printable skeleton game than you will love these other science games! Also, check out this awesome atom model project!

Check out this awesome skeleton coloring pages!

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