25 Kid-Friendly Frozen Drinks for Summer

Cold sugary drinks just make summer feel more like summer! They are our favorite afternoon treat after a swim.

You can also make a big batch for as an idea for a kids party. If you like these recipes but are looking for a more healthy option, check out our collection of kid-loved smoothies.

summer drinks for kids
Beat the heat with these drinks!

Awesome frozen Drinks kids will love to Beat the Heat

Here’s a list of drinks recipes you can make for the whole kid’s gang (regardless of age) on a hot summer day!

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1. Easy Homemade Slurpee Recipe

Make a Homemade Slurpee bar for your next gathering so your kids can mix and match flavors!

2. DIY Slushie Syrup Recipe

This DIY Slushie Syrup is so tasty and it’s better for you when you make it yourself!

3. Sweet Sour Grape Nerds Recipe

This Copycat Grape Nerds tastes almost as good as the one from Sonic, all you need is delivery on rollerskates!

4. Watermelon Key Lime Recipe

Frozen Drink Watermelon Key Lime is perfect for July 4th!

5. Triple Citrus Slushies Recipe

If you like tart and tangy, you will love this Triple Citrus Slushies drink!

6. Blue Raspberry Slushie Recipe

This Blue Raspberry Slushie is oh, so BLUE.  

7. Salted Watermelon Drink Recipe

This Salted Watermelon Drink recipe is made from pureed watermelon and is SUPER tasty!  

8. Bubblegum Cream Slushie Recipe

This sweet Bubblegum Cream Slush tastes like the ice cream truck treats!  

9. Blue Raspberry Lemonade Recipe

Jello is the basis of this Blue Raspberry Lemonade frozen drink recipe.  

10. Kool-Aid and Ice Cream Float Recipe

Kool-Aid & Ice Cream Float mixes two of the kids favorite things!  

11. Easy Tropical Slushie Recipe

Yummy! Tropical Slushie is perfect for a sunny afternoon!

12. Frozen Raspberry Lemonade Recipe

Frozen Raspberry Lemonade tastes delicious and is super refreshing.

13. Apple Orange Peach Slushie Recipe

When you make this fruity Apple Orange Peach Slushie, you will want seconds.

kids slushies recipes
Cool drinks!

14. Watermelon Pineapple Limeaide Recipe

This Watermelon Pineapple Limeade is sweet and tangy.

15. Coconut Peach Lemonade Cream Recipe

Coconut Peach Lemonade Cream – oh my word!  This looks so fancy and is perfect for a party!

16. Lemon Lime Blue Slushie Recipe

To make Lemon Lime Blue Slushie, skip the blue dye and this becomes a healthy alternative when you want something sweet and cold.

17. Coconut Raspberry Slush Recipe

For a festive concoction whip up a batch of  Coconut Raspberry Slush.

18. Watermelon Peach Slushies Recipe

This Watermelon Peach Slushies will give you the right taste of summer!

19. Nothing but Berry Smoothie Recipe

This slushy is perfect for breakfast.  Serve it up with some yogurt and a handful of nuts!  Nothing But Berry Smoothie

disney copycate pineapple whip recipe
Frozen drinks, anyone?

Frozen Drink Recipes

Sometimes you just have to make some frozen drinks, so here’s a list of the recipes you can try!

20. Pineapple Smoothie Recipe

This Pineapple Smoothie tastes JUST like Disney’s Pineapple Whip – Yum!

21. Almond Milk & Strawberries Recipe

Make a healthy slushie from  Almond Milk & Strawberries!  Good for you!

22. Watermelon Kool-Aid Slushies Recipe

This is a classic at our house – we make it for July 4th and other family gatherings –  Watermelon Kool Aid Slushies!

23. Yummy Orange Julius Recipe

Orange and cream YUM!  Here is a dairy- free version of an Orange Julius!

24. Mixed Berry Mint Slushies Recipe

Make Mixed Berry Mint Slushies yummier by adding mint to your fruit adds a fun flair to your beverage.

25. Frozen Strawberry Limeade Recipe

Frozen Strawberry Limeade is refreshing and tasty!

26. Fresh Cherry Limeade Recipe

This Fresh Cherry Limeade is quite addictive, but in a good way.

cool drink tip
Cool drinks!

Fun Ways to enjoy your drinks!

Now that you have an awesome drink, spice it up a bit by doing these tips to enjoy your drink better!

1. Add Popsicle Cubes

Cut up a popsicle for a fun treat!  Add the popsicle cubes to your drink.  You will get the taste of the popsicle with no sticky fingers.

2. Pop in Some Watermelon and Mango Puree

Watermelon Mango  Freeze – Make fruity.  Create a collection of fruit puree cubes to add club or lemon-lime soda to – YUM!

3. Dip in Summer Fruit Slush

Summer Fruit Slush is a similar concept.  Add fruit cubes and make a delicious drink.  These are great for just a hint of flavor too – add a single fruit cube to water.

4. Drop Some Wacky Ice Cubes

Keep reading – we have a collection of wacky ice cube flavor combinations.  You can add some sparkle to any drink!

Have you tried any of these awesome summer drinks? How did it turn out?