Fun {and Independent} Flash Card Games

Flash card games can make memorization studies fun!   Making flash cards for whatever your child needs to learn and turning them into flash card games creates home made games with purpose.

Here are a few ideas for creating your own game based on your child’s lessons as inspired by Odwalla Smoothies for Kids’ Goodness Grove, where the Quirky Mommas are an Ambassador to Education.   Watch below for information on how YOU can win $1000 shopping spree from Odwalla.

flash card games

Making Flash Cards

Since we have been partially homeschooling {my kids go to school three days a week and we home school twice a week}, I have been finding ways that my kids can independently study.   I need to work with each child individually for some things, but that can’t happen if all three boys need my attention 100% of the time.

I started making flash cards for just about EVERYTHING.   Sometimes I use 3×5 cards and sometimes I print them off on the computer.   If it is something the child can create, that is bonus study time.

Often I will make a second set so matching games can be created around the subject matter.   Here are a few of the flash card sets we have made at home:

  • First grade flash cards:   sight words, phonics sounds, phonics spelling, math addition and subtraction, days of the week, months of the year, number words
  • Fourth grade flash cards:   history timeline – dates and events, math facts, vocabulary, spelling words, Latin vocabulary
  • Sixth grade flash cards: science vocabulary, geography facts, vocabulary, literature characters {like Homer’s Odyssey characters and what they are known for}, Latin vocabulary, Spanish vocabulary

Flash Card Games

So now we have a bunch of flash cards and a ton of information that the kids need to memorize and learn.   I don’t have time to sit and flip cards, so we have created several different games that can be modified to fit the flash card set:

  • Memory – this can be done with two sets of the same card or with two corresponding cards.   Corresponding cards like word and definition or date and event work really well for the older kids.   They lay out all the cards and flip them over until they can remember where the matching card is located.   This is also fun as a game against an older sibling who studied the information years ago.
  • Sequence – Creating an order to the cards is an easy and independent activity.   Whether that is to line up the month words in order of the calendar or a stack of event cards, it will keep the children thinking about how they are related.   Once the first sequence is completed, add another level for older kids by handing them the corresponding card stack to add dates to the order of events or definitions to the alphabetized Latin words.
  • Train – This is a favorite activity that is an extension of sequencing.   It is especially effective toward the end of the school year when the stacks of cards have grown.   The child starts with one set of cards and sequences it starting at the kitchen and makes a train of cards through the hall, into the living room, up the stairs, into the game room, etc.   Sometimes they will take all their flash cards no matter the subject and create a massive line of information {that they have learned!}.   You can send them back through the train with the corresponding cards to add dates, definitions, symbols, etc.   They are really proud to see visually how much information they know.

How We Use Flash Cards

Here is a little video I created about what we do and all the fun we are having over at the Odwalla Smoothies for Kids Goodness Grove:

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