A nature walk is good for body and mind.  But add a simple lesson on conservation for kids  and  a walk through the woods can also be beneficial to nature. Kids Activities Blog understands the importance of kids learning to recognize what is naturally found in the great outdoors and what isn’t.  We hope this Unnatural Trail activity for kids will help your children appreciate this as well. Explore an unnatural trail {Nature activities for kids}

Nature Walk

A walk through the woods can be a fun adventure for kids.  But it is important that we as parents help our children understand how to take care of nature so that it will always be here for them to enjoy. My kids and I have talked about what we love about nature….the shade from trees, the colorful flowers, the soft feel of grass beneath our feet, and the beautiful music of birds all around, just to name a few.  We’ve also talked about the importance of taking care of nature through conservation which essentially means not leaving our mark on nature.  This can include not breaking branches, taking “treasures”, and especially not leaving trash behind. Kids in Nature: Explore an Unnatural Trail

Conservation for Kids

One way to help our children learn about conservation and the importance of keeping nature clean and beautiful is through an Unnatural Trail. We recently went to a local park for a fun day out.  While my children played nearby, I quietly planted several small toys and some trash from our lunch on a short trail nearby.  I then asked my kids to explore the trail and locate all of the things that are unnatural to the woods.  This means things that don’t grow there naturally but are man-made. unnatural trail checklist

Outdoor Games for Kids

My kids had a lot of fun searching high and low for various objects that clearly were not naturally found in the woods.  For my elementary age son, I just let him explore on his own.  But for my preschooler, I gave her some help by handing her a clipboard with a printout of pictures of the objects I had hidden so she had an idea of what she needed to look for.  It made for a unique and memorable outing the to park but it also helped my children appreciate the beauty of nature and their responsibility to keep it that way. Have fun with your kids on a nature walk, both natural and unnatural!  Conservation for kids is best taught through modeling and experiencing it outdoors.  For more great resources on spending time outside with your kids, take a look at these:

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