Preschool Letter of the Week Crafts

Letter of the week crafts are a great way to teach your preschooler his or her ABC’s at home.

When we started homeschool almost two years ago, I went on the hunt to find ways to teach my four year old his alphabet. I thought letter of the week crafts would make learning fun and the hands on aspect was a bonus. We have had so much fun!

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I have pulled together an awesome collection of activities you can do at home as you teach your preschooler.

These are activities that my four year old Matthew’s had a fun time creating during our homeschool time together.

All of these activities are affordable and I know you’ll have a blast building memories together.

Letter of the Week Crafts

We have a full collection from A-Z of letter of the week crafts for preschoolers. Each tutorial comes with a free printable, a list of supplies and a step by step tutorial for creating the craft. The finished results are fun and something your little one will be proud to display, like this B is for butterfly craft.

Preschool Letter Worksheets

Take your learning one step further with these fun preschool letter worksheets.  With do- a- dot markers, or stickers, use our free printables along with the craft to find the letter of the week. My little Matthew loves these and I love that the printables build many skills, like fine motor.

Alphabet Flip Book

Oh, this has been one of the most useful homeschool resources I have made myself. There is a story behind why I created this alphabet flip book, for a fraction of what one would have cost at the teacher supply store. We use it all week long as we do our letter of the week crafts and worksheets. It gives Matthew the opportunity to identify the letter, make the letter’s sound and associate the letter with an item like B is for bed.

Best Children’s Books

When you are doing your letter of the week crafts, why not read some awesome books that coincide with the the letter? We have a collection of the best children’s books that you can check out at the library for free as you discover each letter of the alphabet.

Snack Ideas for Kids

And as you learn a new letter, incorporate a fun food. We have created snack ideas for kids that go with the letter of the week activities. Super fun!

Isn’t this exciting? We have done all the leg work for you. All you have to do is print and gather supplies (which you likely already have at home). Now you can make learning fun as you teach your little one his alphabet at home!

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